2018 Recap of Fashion and Design


2018, A Year to in Fashion to Remember

Fashion is a pre-cursor to interior design. It influences the choices that we make and opens a door to creativity. I’m always captivated with what is happening on the runways and how brands are evolving.  In this blog, I would like to summarize things the happen in 2018 fashion world. It’s been a great year. New fashions were debuted, old styles were revitalized, and many memories were made. Many things could be talked about in this article, but here is a fashion and design recap of all the significant memories made in 2018.

First, there were a few different moves of the personnel in popular household designer brands. In March 2018, Virgil Abloh became Louis Vuitton’s first black creative director. In June, he debuted his first designer collection on the runway. Then, the month of June also saw renowned “Dapper Dan” collaborate with Gucci to create a crossover collection. The collection is “Harlem” inspired and adds an 80’s feel to the design.

Ivanka Trump decided to close her brand after a good bit of scrutiny, and Meghan Markle was recognized by many in the industry. Now a duchess, Markle has grown in popularity and secured her place in the British royal house. When Meghan decided to wear an item, there were few doubts that the piece would sell out.

There were also many moves made in the fashion world by different brands. Versace, Coach, and Burberry all decided to go fur-free. The companies dropped any type of real animal fur from being used in their products. Burberry also unveiled a new logo in 2018 and used it to grow the success of their brand. Rodarte also returned to the NYFW during September.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” — Coco Chanel


Finally, 2018 gave us some great memories. There was the 50th anniversary of Ralph Lauren, and the incredible show that followed. Then, Michael Kors bought out Versace and surprised the industry. Kaia Gerber received the model of the year honors, after being on countless runways throughout her young career.

Color and style differed and flowed throughout the year as well. At the Golden Globes, multiple women stood against sexual harassment by wearing all black. The color Violet was a popular one in the later months of 2018. Poppy Red also dominated the runways with designers dressing their models head-to-toe in the bright color. Nebulas Blue was another favorite in 2018 and was used by designers such as Tibi, Roksanda, and Rabih Kayrouz on the big stage.

There were definitely a collection of incredible memories made in 2018, and more will follow. Here’s to 2019, and all the incredible times that the industry will hold.


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