Top Pool Designs in 2019

A pool is a must for many high-quality homes and designs. If you are thinking about adding a pool to the home you already have or designing one into your new project, you need to know what is trending right now.

We have a few thoughts on some pool trends that you can expect to see in 2019. So without further adieu here are the top pool designs for 2019.

Smart Home Technology

Obviously, lighting has been a big hit in pool design for the past few years. However, with the new smart home technology, you can take your lighting to the next level.

You will have the option to mix and match colors, brightness, and texture with 2019 features. We recommend using smart bulbs and similar tech in your pool design. There are a few different people that can help you with this.

First of all, feel free to do some online research into pool lighting. Second, you can talk to the contractor you are working with. Finally, your interior design team will also have some ideas on pool lighting. In 2019, this specific area of pool design is extremely customizable, so let your imagination run free when brainstorming ideas for the pool.


Ledges, Bars, and Lounge-Areas

Pools aren’t just for swimming anymore. They are great places to hold parties, hang out with friends, and spend time with family.

Feel free to design space near your pool where you can spend time in conversation with those around you. Building relationships is a great thing, and you can utilize the pool area to help you with this life skill.


Consider A Shallow Pool

More and more often, we are seeing shallow pools picked over deep pools in 2019. There are a couple of different reasons for this. First off, shallow pools require less maintenance than deep-water pools do.

Shallow pools are better for exercising than their deeper counterparts. It will also limit the costs of building the pool in the first place. You won’t have to excavate as much to put the pool into the ground, and the space planning will be a little easier. For these reasons we recommend a shallow pool, but a deep pool might suit your needs better.

Farmhouse Style: 6 Ideas to Utilize

Do you love the outdoors? The farmhouse style is trending in the fashion world, and it can be an incredible option for homeowners. We have some thoughts on the topic, so here are six design ideas for a farmhouse-style home.

Reusing Materials

Using wood, or repurposed ceiling beams to create tables, kitchen islands, and shelves will create a rustic vibe that will echo through the entire house. Reusing rock or brick is another good option.



Exposed Ceiling

Opening the ceiling up to see the beams really gives off an old-timer look. To further push this idea, you can hang pots, pans, and utensils from the beams. Unless of course, the ceiling is too high. This idea is perfect for a low ceiling in a ranch-style abode.



A Barn Aesthetic

Painting items white with slats is a great way to give off a barn aesthetic. You can put “Z” slats on cabinets, doors, and tables to give it a “barn door” effect. Personally, I love the look of this style. It is a great option for any rustic interior.



Try Out a Deep Sink

A deep sink can add so much efficiency to your home, especially if you prepare your food at home on a regular basis. It also adds a nice touch to the overall “farmhouse” design. Deep sinks are common in stables and barns, but the right one in the right style can really make the rustic theme pop. Martha Stewart once said, “a big sink is so much more effective.”



Open Cabinets

This cabinet style will allow easy access to the necessary cooking utensils at all times. The great thing about these is that you can be extremely creative with open-style cabinets. They might not be the best option if you have small children.



Peach Crate Bookshelf

I recently saw this design on a blog and just had to share it. If you take peach crates and stack them on top of each other it creates a beautiful bookcase. It provides a good amount of space and really pushes the barn theme.


Designing the farmhouse can be really fun, so get creative with it! Be sure to talk to your interior design team about other options when it comes to this style specifically.

Home Office Ideas: 5 Tips To Remember

Home office ideas are sometimes overlooked. In the United States, more and more people are working from home. We, as humans, are always improving, and learning how to do things more efficiently is a national pastime. If you work at home, you know that you need a proper office. This must be a space where you can go to focus and get work done.
If the office is so important, why do so many people neglect it? A poorly constructed office is stuffy, too dark, too bright, too distracting, too warm or too cold. If you are going to spend hours and hours at home in your office, it should be an extremely well-designed space.
Efficiency takes the title of most important, and designing an efficient workspace should be the first priority. Here are five different home office ideas for your future work area.

Close it Off

Your office needs to be a place that you go to get work done. Distraction comes from all sorts of things such as the air conditioning unit, your phone, or an open window. It is vital that your office is distraction-free, and closing it off from the main house can be a great way of accomplishing this.

Favorite Colors

Long hours can get even worse if you are always staring at a color you don’t like. Our tip is that you paint the walls a color that you already love. It could be your favorite color, but it doesn’t have to be. We just recommend that you resist using a bland color, or a tone that you hate. Check out this piece we wrote about hot paint colors to try.

Light it Up

Make sure your office has plenty of light so that you can read those papers and screens without hurting your eyes. Proper lighting can help you stay focused and attentive throughout busy workdays. Correct lighting can also help with headaches and reduce stress. These reasons make lighting an essential detail in any home-office.

Seating, Seating, Seating

Working from home means long hours in one specific spot. It will be worth it to invest in a beautiful chair to help you get through the day. This is a direct investment in your body. Back pain can be a result of a bad chair, so make the early decision to care for your back and get a good chair.

Function is Key

Functionality is the most important characteristic when designing your home office. When you consider different pieces and styles, always ask this question: “How does this help me get work done?” If it doesn’t help you accomplish your tasks, it might be smart to forego this design piece and pick one that accentuates your work.
Don’t be afraid to make sacrifices when designing your office. Well-Designed office spaces are stylish, functional, and trendy. Start a conversation with your design team today, and mention some of the things we talked about.

Three Living Room Styles to Try

Living room styles are a big deal in the interior design world. Here at Ariana Designs, we want to keep you updated on all the trends that are popular. This article is specifically written to inform you about living room trends and patterns that you should consider.
Designing or remodeling a living room space can be a fun project, but it can also seem pretty daunting. Here are three living room trends to try out. Hopefully, this will spark your creative fire and give you some ideas to take to a design team.

Are you a Minimalist?

Minimalism styles really get the job done when it comes to designing a classy, spacious living room. A simple living room can reduce stress while keeping an energetic vibe.
Painting the walls completely white can help with relaxation while removing wall-hangings can increase conversation in your primary home area. The minimalist design focuses on eliminating clutter while accenting specific pieces of the home. Greenery is a great way to accent the minimal setting. It is the first of our living room styles that we recommend.


Do you regularly change your mind? It might be smart to go with a contemporary style. Contemporary allows you to be flexible and change bits and pieces of the design whenever you like. The contemporary design takes other styles and vibes and blends them together. When done correctly, this design won’t make things feel out of place. It will instead resemble many different designs.
It’s a great decision because “Contemporary” allows you to change your mind, or use multiple designs that you might want in the same space.


The “Modern” style gained popularity in the 19th century because of the simplicity in the design. You will find details such as simple, straight lines, bold accent tones, and completely clutter-free spaces. It usually includes a few centerpieces but resists small trinkets that would complicate the design of the area.
Modern style is free and open, and many people choose this design because of the calming effect it has on its residents.

Which Living Room Style is Best For You?

At the end of the day, it is essential to do what is best for you. You are the one that is going to be living in the room, so pick a style that fits your needs. There are other trends in the living room as well, but these three really stick out in the design world today. Minimalism, contemporary, and modern are all hot living room styles that you should at least consider using in your home.

Mercer Island Modern Bathroom

Modern designed bathroom escalates your experience to a more luxurious way of relaxing. Further more, they can effortlessly become a modern sanctuary for cleanliness and comfort. When we were designing this Mercer Island modern bathroom a main goal was to find a fine balance between comfort, aesthetic and practicality.

Our client wanted something exceptional that is nice to look at and really takes your special time with yourself to the next level. Therefore, we have paid a great attention designing this bathroom that is as modern as the amazing home it accompanies.

A Focal Point

Having a high-quality sink and a freestanding tub are things that can set an ordinary bathroom apart from the extraordinary. Freestanding tubs are a staple for modern bathroom designs.

We have created a niche with a special place for an oval beautiful tub. This statement piece is highlighted by the natural light it receives coming from the large windows.



Color Pallet

Elements of neutral color palette also bring out the modern appearance of the bathroom. While white marble tiles on floor and walls exudes sophistication, baroque accent wall tile gives the space a special charm. In addition, silver fixtures and accessories coordinate with the all-white bathroom for a crisp look.


Choosing lighting is a crucial part of modern design. Lights are a perfect medium to draw out the refined beauty of the materials. Plaster –in LED system in floor and accent wall complements the futuristic look. Modern chandelier as an elegant accent above the tub contributes to simple and attractive space.



Innovative Technology

Bathroom is one of the places in our home where we can loosen up our tired mind and body to isolate us away from stress. Advanced electronics are being included in modern bathrooms to create new and more satisfying experiences.  There for, some of modern innovative technologies were on client’s must-have list.

Bathroom features Kohler smart toilet and digital showering system with rain head and body sprays. The most important part is technology that creates a luxurious spa experience in the privacy of your home with a soothing steam shower. Entertainment gadgets have also been added including audio speakers and TV mirrors so that the time spent will be more fulfilling.



Modern day bathrooms are transforming into personalized day spas, and these technologies make the experience more relaxing and convenient than ever before. Mercer Island modern bathroom designed by our team feature a seamless design which follows simplistic lines to create a look that shows less is often more!

One of the Top 4 Innovators on Housing Affordability for 2019

Business growth and innovation should be considered as a whole in the builders world. The Ivory Prize in Housing Affordability was seeking to recognize the most ambitious, scalable and innovative solutions to address housing affordability. Ivory Prize judges announced winners, four of them, on April 10th, 2019.

Winner for the Public Policy and Regulation Reform was The Alley Flat Initiative.

Here’s an overview of the program:

The Alley Flat Initiative (TAFI) is a collaboration between the University of Texas Center for Sustainable Development (UTCSD) and the Austin Community Design and Development Center (ACDDC) that employs innovative ADU policy with a number of underutilized alleys to create additional dwelling units by tucking small, single-family homes on existing lots. By creating a ‘one-stop shop’ for income-qualified homeowners, TAFI provides personalized support throughout the development process, which includes green design, financial education and pre-qualification, financial assistance, property management training, and construction guidance.

Here’s how Ivory Prize judges summed up the merits of the Alley Flat Initiative.

Judges recognized The Alley Flat Initiative (TAFI) based on their innovative efforts to change the policy framework in Austin, Texas to allow for the adoption of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) – often using underutilized alleys to create additional dwelling units by tucking small, single-family homes (ADUs called Alley Flats) on existing lots. In addition, the Alley Flat Initiative has developed a “one-stop shop” for income-qualified homeowners providing personalized support through the development process including green design, financial education and pre-qualification, property management and construction guidance.

Also, The Alley Flat Initiative has partnered with the City of Austin’s policymakers and department leaders to design development incentive programs to promote income- restricted ADUs and to provide assistance to lower-income owner-developers who are facing displacement, due to rapid growth, so that these individuals are able to increase their income from the rent generated by the Alley Flats.

In his article for the Architect John McManus states their pitch on hitting the three primary targets of the Ivory Prize criteria.

Innovation: TAFI illustrates its innovative characteristics through its “one-stop shop” process for constructing and financing an ADU. TAFI offers nine-floor plans that range from 350 square feet to 950 square feet. The program works with the Austin Housing Finance Corporation, an instrumentality of the City of Austin, to design a program that unlocks incentives and financing tools commonly available to large-scale developers, making them available to low-income households. While this program is still under development, it is designed to offer a second-lien financing structure to decrease development costs, while providing technical assistance throughout the development process.

Scalability: Since 2005, 10 Alley Flats have been completed, 4 are under construction, and 4 are in development. TAFI has been able to approve ADUs for multiple different zoning requirements. In order for this project to increase its scale, there needs to be additional funding in place. This project, with respect to the construction of ADUs, can be implemented and scaled in any municipality that has ADU laws in place.

Sustainability: TAFI must use public and community‐based financing tools to achieve its greatest impact. A major issue for TAFI is construction financing for the units, where estimations range from $85,000 to $120,000 a unit. A lack of control over construction costs can be detrimental to funding requests from various organizations. One strong financing and development program through the City of Austin is the SMART Housing policy and development review initiative. SMART (Safe, Mixed-Income, Accessible, Reasonably‐Priced and Transit‐Oriented) Housing is a preliminary step to access expedited processing and fee waivers if a developer meets certain affordable housing criteria.

Programs such as Alley Flat combines a very iterative ADU that can drop onto each property with a fundamental change in local zoning, permitting and taxation laws that allow owners to create new revenue units on their property, which benefit both the homeowner and the potential renter, says John McManus for the Architect.

Exterior Design: Three Thoughts for your Project

Ivana M

There are two main areas of importance in the design industry, interior and exterior. Today we are going to focus on the latter of the two. What is popular in exterior design? More specifically, we want to answer the question: What is hot right now in exterior tones and methods?

Choosing your exterior style can be one of the toughest choices when starting a project. Here are three trends we recommend for the exterior.

Mix it up

First of all, pick a few different tones that you want to incorporate together. Then you will want to settle on a few specific shades. You want a dominant color, an accent color, and a trim color.

These colors should complement each other and work in tandem to create the visual effect you envision. If you are uncertain about which colors work together, be sure to ask your design team for help settling on a hue.


Consider the Style

An important thing to weigh when designing your home is how the style and colors intertwine. You don’t want a classic Victorian house painted burnt orange. It just wouldn’t work.

The color tone and design should complement each other and set the project apart from the rest. If you are struggling with this, the designer and architect can help you with the robust combinations.

Kari Haas 2217 Ilwaco Ave NE Renton, WA 98059

Be Wary of the Unchangeable

Now, this isn’t to say that you can’t change your driveway, or chop down the tree in the front yard, but you should consider the “harder to change” elements and design to work with them.

If you have a specific shingle design or color, it can be helpful to match those as well. Most pathways and yard work will remain similar, so it’s important to consider them when thinking about the exterior of your project.

The exterior is extremely important to the design of your home. Naturally, it’s the part of your house that most people will see, so make sure you plan with your design team to get the most beautiful and adequate exterior possible.

Lighting: Designing Brilliance

When designing a room, lighting can change the atmosphere of a space. Using lighting correctly is what separates good design from great design. Many times, illumination is overlooked because of home-buyers who aren’t taught to utilize the power of light.

Interior designers know that building a perfectly lit room is a key ingredient in the overall pattern of the space.

Natural Lighting vs. Artificial Lighting

Natural daylight is a commodity, and the warmth it brings to a room is very hard to replicate. Windows open up space and show off specific color tones and hues in the paint.

Artificial lighting is quickly becoming popular in design. Although many designers try to replicate natural light, they often find it to be a difficult task. With the way technology is changing, it is definitely becoming more and more of a possibility in everyday design.



Know Your Space

Lighting should be a part of the atmosphere of the room. It should be functional but also stylistic. These designs do take time and adequate planning so asking your design team about the lighting should be a top priority early on in the design process.

Light can bring depth as well as texture to space. It can also alter various hues and tones. For example, a white wall will look very different if it has a greenish LED light focused on it. Lighting can also be used to optimize a multitude of different areas.

For instance, you can use LED lights to change the color and texture of a space. This allows for multiple different designs woven into one seamless style.


Nautical Modern Girl's Bedroom

Use Verticality

Lighting the walls, ceilings, and overhangs can really add depth and texture to design. Shadows and various shading can take a drab space and make it stand out. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using vertical lights to make the room feel deeper.

Light can expand the room, and make it feel wider and taller than it actually is. Designing with this in mind will help you create the best possible space.

Light has many functions and still is a key piece of design in the interior world. So when you are working on your next project or space, make sure you don’t neglect the lighting.


Why You Should Design an Island into Your Kitchen

Island kitchens really help in three major areas: storage space, arrangement style, and overall function. If you really need any one of these areas or all three of them, an Island Kitchen style might be the perfect design for you.

Work triangles can be a good fit for a kitchen but are often much to large to practically work. This is where an island style comes into play. It has the ability to open up a small and compact space.

Space for Guests

Kitchen islands open up a bunch of extra seating for your guests. In today’s time, we are having people over more often. The social aspect of our society is only growing. Therefore, the need for extra seating is key. You can entertain people at the island while preparing food and setting the table.

It can also be used to keep a close eye on the children. Especially if you have younger kids, sitting them down at the island while you get work done is a great way to keep them out of trouble.



Customizable Design

Kitchen islands are extremely customizable. You can style the lighting, cabinets, and appliances to match the island. If the island is designed to fit your main theme, then your options are endless.

When thinking about your design team, be sure to collaborate with your design team in order to really put your vision on paper. The interior designers will help you grow your idea and push your creativity to new heights.



Storage, Storage, Storage

Your island setup will add storage space. The island functions as just another area for cabinets, drawers, and closets. Storage is super important in your kitchen, but you also want your storage to be relatively close in proximity to your main work area.

With an island design, you can have the storage directly under your workspace. This makes the direct selection of cooking utensils and ingredients an awesome working part of the island design.



Overall, the island design has a bunch of upsides. We are seeing more and more homes turn to this design for some of the reasons we mentioned above. If you have questions about this style of kitchen talk to your designers about incorporating it into your next project.


Compact Living – Dynamic Space

The starting point for the design of this stylish and cozy apartment was out intention to present a modern and dynamic space suitable for city life. As you know, more and more people choose to live in the big megalopolis and to make the smaller apartments their home. Therefore, compact living is a global trend that in the feature will become stronger.


Interior design is colorful, lively and full of contrast. Open space includes living room and kitchen with dining. The décor in the apartment is a bit rough but modern.

Main Floor

Main floor features welcoming entrance with white flooring and light gray – painted walls which run through the entire space.  The eye goes through small practical kitchens that do not feel cramped with straight lines and white subway backsplash tiles, and to the back living area.  The living room feels very light and airy with high glass doors that lead outside. This room is the heart of the entire space, multi-functional area ideal for socialization whose main attraction is a massive oak staircase leading into the bedroom. Blue tones are added to space to achieve cool and clear look. The key element of the design is semi-transparent ceiling so that it provides privacy but allows the spaces to stay connected and communicate with each other. An addition to this is a nice light exchange.


Second floor

Second floor design follows the same style as the main floor. We maximized the impression of this modern and dynamic space by keeping the use of light-gray color for the walls in the room. Bedroom is small but cozy, brimming with storage with big wall art that brings room together. This accent adds a feeling of serenity and completeness to apartment’s décor. Small working space is also incorporated in bedroom. Therefor, this apartment with its functionality provides everything that a modern man needs.


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