7 Common Design Mistakes in Interiors

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There are many common design mistakes that totally ruin a project that has taken so much time planning and creating. They can reduce the value of your project, and also destroy the popularity of the place. The problem with design problems is that you might not know the mistakes that you are making.

Since so many of these errors tend to slip under the radar, we’ve compiled a list of seven different mistakes that you will want to watch out for, and a little information that will help you avoid these blunders in your future projects.

All The Way Up There?

How high you hang art is extremely important to the overall aesthetic of your design. The recommendation we make is taken from popular designers Jay Sacher and Suzanne LuGasa. Since the sightline for the average human is about 57 inches from the floor, it makes the perfect place to put your art in a space.

Hand-Me-Down Furniture

Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to pass down the family couch. It’s time you took full control of your design and purchased some furniture that corresponds with your interior. Having Auntie’s old recliner in the corner doesn’t look good. It looks tacky.

Buying Something You Like

Absolutely not. Never purchase something for your home that you aren’t in love with. At home, you will see your design constantly, and it will forever remind you that you just “like it.” But if you buy something you love, you will never tire of seeing it in your space.

Measure Twice Cut Once

I’m not sure where that phrase originated but it’s very very true. So often people make mistakes because they aren’t focused enough to slow down and end up rushing the important planning steps. Slow down and just breathe!

What Size Rug do We Need?

Rugs need to be placed in a very specific way to look good. They need to match or contrast the design of the room and most importantly, they need to be big enough! A rug that’s too small is noticeable. It’s not carpet either, so it shouldn’t cover the whole floor. Stop mistreating rugs people!

Where Are The Lights?

One light source does not get the job done. Ever. You are going to need a few different options so that you can adequately light the space in a multitude of different ways. This fix isn’t too hard, you can add lamps or install new light fixtures.

What About Green?

For some reason, people hate using plants as scenery and color accessories in their design projects. It’s one of the biggest common design mistakes we see in the business. But listen, a good plant or greenery item can make a drab place feel alive and stylish. Plants are great, stop overlooking them.


That’s all we have for this post, but we hope to bring light to these seven different mistakes that designers make. Maybe it will even help you with your next design project. If you ask your interior design team, they can provide you with even more info on other mistakes you might have missed. Happy designing! Contact us at Ariana Designs for even more help with your interior!

Designing a Personal Gym: Expert Tips

Ariana Designs

Designing a personal gym might seem like a tough project. But it’s not as bad as driving to a gym and paying for a membership every month. Let’s just design a fitness center that you can use in the comfort of your own home?

Whether it’s going to be a remodeling project or a design in a new home that you are building from scratch, a private gym is a great way to personalize your home and let it speak about who you are as a person.

Now that we know why a personal gym is a good idea, we just need to design it! Here are a few tips for designing a personal gym.

What’s On The Floor?

The flooring in a fitness space is extremely important. It needs to be durable so that it can withstand the wear and tear of equipment and all the sweat and perspiration that comes when you’re really killing your workout that day.

It also needs to have some support and cushion in-case you fall or are doing floor exercises. Situps and pushups are not fun on concrete.

While you might think that the flooring is relatively unimportant when you are designing, it is a significant aspect of your style. Make sure to give it the proper time in your planning.

How Much Space?

One of the toughest things about designing a personal gym is the space it requires. If you are struggling with the floor planning in a gym area it might be a good idea to talk to your contractor and interior design team.

Powerful airflow might come in handy and lighting is also important to have in a workout room. These are all different things to consider when you are putting in a fitness center.

Plan for more space than you think you will need. Workouts involve moving around constantly, and you’re going to want to have adequate space to accommodate various different exercises.

Personalize the Equipment too

Remember, this is your space, not anybody else’s. You can put whatever you want into the room as far as equipment goes.

Obviously, you can go with a standard set of weights and a treadmill. If you want to get even more specific, hop online and purchase specific workout machines that you prefer. You can have these sent to your home and either install them yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Finishing the Space

You can truly make it showcase who you are in this design. It is your personal gym design, so feel free to do more research and make changes where you want to. Grab things from other gyms that you like and add them all together to build a space that fits you perfectly.

With this design, just like your workout, the sky really is the limit!

Design in Small Spaces: 3 Creative Tips

Ariana Designs

We are all creators in our lives. Whether that be what we do or say, we as humans create reputations and perceptions that shape our lives. In design, we use our creative inspirations to design elegant spaces that all come together in a common theme. One of the best ways to make your design stand out is by focusing on the small areas.

These tiny crevices such as small nooks, shelves, or even the space below the stairs are all viable options that we often neglect. If we take an extra second and thoughtfully plan these spaces, we can add an element of completeness to our already stellar design.

Here are a few ideas for those small tight spaces.

Who Looks Under The Stairs?

“No one” is what you might be thinking, but that might not be the case, especially in a home with an open stairway that wastes a little bit of space. Notable designers have put shelving units and small tables under various stairs.

I’ve even heard of a space that was designed with a mini-bar style table under the stairway. It was accessible, stylish, and added to the functionality of the hallway. Just a little thing like this will significantly improve your design in a small space.

Mirrors on the Wall

One of the biggest problems you might be running into in your design is how to fill space on a wall. It might not even be ample space, but you can’t seem to find the right combination of items to fit into the area.

Mirrors fit into many tiny spaces and add a sleek look to your design. A mirror is an excellent tool because it goes with almost any colorway, and can instantly add light to the room. A mirror can make a place feel deeper and add elegance at the same time.

If you’re having trouble filling a small space, be sure to try out a mirror. You might be surprised how much of a difference a mirror can make.

Light it Up

Small spaces often lack creativity because they lack sufficient lighting. A closet or small shelving space doesn’t have enough light to grab the attention of a viewer, so you need to add a bit of sparkle to spice up the design.

There are all sorts of lights that we could recommend, and it depends on your design and what you decide to use. It could be something as simple as a candle or opening the drapes a specific way. It’s a small space, so it doesn’t have to be a significant change. A little addition or subtraction of light will help your tiny area stand out in your design.

Conclusion: Design in Small Spaces

Adding some shelves or lighting can be one of the best ways to add to your small space. Great designs are great because they maximize every single square inch of area in their design. Remember that more isn’t always better, you want to make sure your little room matches your overall design. Just be careful, next time you have friends over, you’re going to have to explain why the under the stairs looks so great.

Wheelchair Accessible Design

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A popular feature in homes and business areas is to add wheelchair accessibility. Some homeowners need special accessibility options due to a disability or similar limitation. Offices might need to add special access points for potential clients or current staff. If disability design is something that interests you keep reading! We are going to give you a few tips and ideas to consider as you move your design plans forward.

There are hundreds of ways that technology can help people who are confined to a wheelchair move around comfortably in a home.

Electronic Doors for Wheelchair Accessible Design

This might not seem like an option depending on your budget, but it is definitely a huge help if possible. Being able to open a door with the push of a button changes accessibility points completely. This is a great way to make your office or home wheelchair accessible.

While we’re talking about the doors, make sure that the frame is wide enough to be passed through with a wheelchair. It needs to be at least 32″ from side to side to accommodate a wheelchair, but 36″ is an even better width.

Accessible Controls

Sometimes light switches, thermostats, and other controls are designed at a height that is unreachable for a wheelchair resident. Make sure to prioritize a lower height to give those that are disabled control over various home functions.

Smart home tools are great options for people with disabilities. Being able to turn off the lights or turn on music by speaking is a great idea to consider with your design.

Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms have to be a focus in your design because of how difficult a problem they pose in the life of someone who is in a wheelchair. Lowered sinks, open space under cabinets and countertops, and ground-level cabinets are all options to consider. If possible, a roll-in-shower can be a huge addition. Bars to hold on to across the bathroom are also mandatory for these designs.

Miscellaneous Design Options

Be sure to include other items in your design are things like railings outside, ramps into the home, and offset door hinges to increase space.

Anything that you can think of in the design that will increase the accessibility and mobility is a viable option.

To Sum it All Up

Wheelchair accessible design and renovation should be considered more and more for homes and offices that need to support disabled patrons. If you liked any of these ideas feel free to use and present them to your design team. They will give you further instructions on how you can implement them in the overall style of the space.

How To Decorate for the Holidays

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The holidays can be stressful. You will find yourself busy buying gifts for friends, constantly preparing food for the family, and getting some much-needed rest at the same time. It’s safe to say that the holidays are crazy. Amongst all of this craziness, it’s important to make sure you do some good work on your decorations to make your home feel warm and festive for your guests. Here are five tips on how to decorate for the holidays.

Turn the Lights Down Low

Lights are an immense part of the holiday season, and we’re not just talking about the lights around your house. Use lights in your interior to create a warm, joyous feel.

“We let the tree and candles light the room, and dim all of the regular lighting to set a cozy and festive mood.” – Stephen Czeck and Jen Going

Allow specially picked out candles or a magnificent Christmas tree to set the room’s shade with warm lighting. Dimming the lights just makes it feel more festive!

Decorate the Bathroom Too

So often we overlook the bathroom while we are designing our home decorations. When we neglect this space, it makes our home feel less inviting. If you have guests coming, they are sure to use this room at some point; so make sure it looks pristine and makes them feel welcome!

Hand towels should be folded neatly for a tidy appearance, and it’s never a bad thing to spend a few extra pennies on holiday-scented hand creams and soaps. Flowers are also an exceptional addition, but make sure to keep them within reason for the size of the room. Your bathroom can use a touch of color from various arrangements, but be sure to keep them appropriate and neat.

Green, Green and more Green

Green is one of the best colors to use when you decorate for the holidays. It really brings out the festive spirit in all of us. Darkish greens can be coupled with lighter reds and lighter greens with cranberry reds.

You can use the obvious decorations such as a tree or a wreath, but don’t underestimate the value of a few pieces of carefully spread greenery whether it be real or fake arrangements.

Bonus: Use Pine or Spruce, the effect will make your house look great and smell even better!

Where Do I Sit?

Don’t forget to accommodate all of your guests when planning for the holidays. There are few things worse when having a family or friends get-together and having more guests than seats.

This means you might need to bring in extra seating for a party, or perhaps the family is coming. Either way, ample seating is a must, and it allows you to add a couple of design features as well. Cream colors are popular with seating. You can also use tip #3 and add green with the brownish wood of the chairs.

Pick a Theme

This is probably the easiest but most important tip on our list. Picking a theme is important in most of the design industry, and it is significant to keep in mind when you decorate for the holidays.

Center around one idea, like a minimalist silver theme, a warm reddish style, or a clean greenish vibe. Then, center all of your decorations around that idea. Make sure even the smallest details align with the theme, and you can expect an incredible finished product.





Top Pool Designs in 2019

A pool is a must for many high-quality homes and designs. If you are thinking about adding a pool to the home you already have or designing one into your new project, you need to know what is trending right now.

We have a few thoughts on some pool trends that you can expect to see in 2019. So without further adieu here are the top pool designs for 2019.

Smart Home Technology

Obviously, lighting has been a big hit in pool design for the past few years. However, with the new smart home technology, you can take your lighting to the next level.

You will have the option to mix and match colors, brightness, and texture with 2019 features. We recommend using smart bulbs and similar tech in your pool design. There are a few different people that can help you with this.

First of all, feel free to do some online research into pool lighting. Second, you can talk to the contractor you are working with. Finally, your interior design team will also have some ideas on pool lighting. In 2019, this specific area of pool design is extremely customizable, so let your imagination run free when brainstorming ideas for the pool.


Ledges, Bars, and Lounge-Areas

Pools aren’t just for swimming anymore. They are great places to hold parties, hang out with friends, and spend time with family.

Feel free to design space near your pool where you can spend time in conversation with those around you. Building relationships is a great thing, and you can utilize the pool area to help you with this life skill.


Consider A Shallow Pool

More and more often, we are seeing shallow pools picked over deep pools in 2019. There are a couple of different reasons for this. First off, shallow pools require less maintenance than deep-water pools do.

Shallow pools are better for exercising than their deeper counterparts. It will also limit the costs of building the pool in the first place. You won’t have to excavate as much to put the pool into the ground, and the space planning will be a little easier. For these reasons we recommend a shallow pool, but a deep pool might suit your needs better.

Farmhouse Style: 6 Ideas to Utilize

Do you love the outdoors? The farmhouse style is trending in the fashion world, and it can be an incredible option for homeowners. We have some thoughts on the topic, so here are six design ideas for a farmhouse-style home.

Reusing Materials

Using wood, or repurposed ceiling beams to create tables, kitchen islands, and shelves will create a rustic vibe that will echo through the entire house. Reusing rock or brick is another good option.



Exposed Ceiling

Opening the ceiling up to see the beams really gives off an old-timer look. To further push this idea, you can hang pots, pans, and utensils from the beams. Unless of course, the ceiling is too high. This idea is perfect for a low ceiling in a ranch-style abode.



A Barn Aesthetic

Painting items white with slats is a great way to give off a barn aesthetic. You can put “Z” slats on cabinets, doors, and tables to give it a “barn door” effect. Personally, I love the look of this style. It is a great option for any rustic interior.



Try Out a Deep Sink

A deep sink can add so much efficiency to your home, especially if you prepare your food at home on a regular basis. It also adds a nice touch to the overall “farmhouse” design. Deep sinks are common in stables and barns, but the right one in the right style can really make the rustic theme pop. Martha Stewart once said, “a big sink is so much more effective.”



Open Cabinets

This cabinet style will allow easy access to the necessary cooking utensils at all times. The great thing about these is that you can be extremely creative with open-style cabinets. They might not be the best option if you have small children.



Peach Crate Bookshelf

I recently saw this design on a blog and just had to share it. If you take peach crates and stack them on top of each other it creates a beautiful bookcase. It provides a good amount of space and really pushes the barn theme.


Designing the farmhouse can be really fun, so get creative with it! Be sure to talk to your interior design team about other options when it comes to this style specifically.

Home Office Ideas: 5 Tips To Remember

Home office ideas are sometimes overlooked. In the United States, more and more people are working from home. We, as humans, are always improving, and learning how to do things more efficiently is a national pastime. If you work at home, you know that you need a proper office. This must be a space where you can go to focus and get work done.
If the office is so important, why do so many people neglect it? A poorly constructed office is stuffy, too dark, too bright, too distracting, too warm or too cold. If you are going to spend hours and hours at home in your office, it should be an extremely well-designed space.
Efficiency takes the title of most important, and designing an efficient workspace should be the first priority. Here are five different home office ideas for your future work area.

Close it Off

Your office needs to be a place that you go to get work done. Distraction comes from all sorts of things such as the air conditioning unit, your phone, or an open window. It is vital that your office is distraction-free, and closing it off from the main house can be a great way of accomplishing this.

Favorite Colors

Long hours can get even worse if you are always staring at a color you don’t like. Our tip is that you paint the walls a color that you already love. It could be your favorite color, but it doesn’t have to be. We just recommend that you resist using a bland color, or a tone that you hate. Check out this piece we wrote about hot paint colors to try.

Light it Up

Make sure your office has plenty of light so that you can read those papers and screens without hurting your eyes. Proper lighting can help you stay focused and attentive throughout busy workdays. Correct lighting can also help with headaches and reduce stress. These reasons make lighting an essential detail in any home-office.

Seating, Seating, Seating

Working from home means long hours in one specific spot. It will be worth it to invest in a beautiful chair to help you get through the day. This is a direct investment in your body. Back pain can be a result of a bad chair, so make the early decision to care for your back and get a good chair.

Function is Key

Functionality is the most important characteristic when designing your home office. When you consider different pieces and styles, always ask this question: “How does this help me get work done?” If it doesn’t help you accomplish your tasks, it might be smart to forego this design piece and pick one that accentuates your work.
Don’t be afraid to make sacrifices when designing your office. Well-Designed office spaces are stylish, functional, and trendy. Start a conversation with your design team today, and mention some of the things we talked about.

Three Living Room Styles to Try

Living room styles are a big deal in the interior design world. Here at Ariana Designs, we want to keep you updated on all the trends that are popular. This article is specifically written to inform you about living room trends and patterns that you should consider.
Designing or remodeling a living room space can be a fun project, but it can also seem pretty daunting. Here are three living room trends to try out. Hopefully, this will spark your creative fire and give you some ideas to take to a design team.

Are you a Minimalist?

Minimalism styles really get the job done when it comes to designing a classy, spacious living room. A simple living room can reduce stress while keeping an energetic vibe.
Painting the walls completely white can help with relaxation while removing wall-hangings can increase conversation in your primary home area. The minimalist design focuses on eliminating clutter while accenting specific pieces of the home. Greenery is a great way to accent the minimal setting. It is the first of our living room styles that we recommend.


Do you regularly change your mind? It might be smart to go with a contemporary style. Contemporary allows you to be flexible and change bits and pieces of the design whenever you like. The contemporary design takes other styles and vibes and blends them together. When done correctly, this design won’t make things feel out of place. It will instead resemble many different designs.
It’s a great decision because “Contemporary” allows you to change your mind, or use multiple designs that you might want in the same space.


The “Modern” style gained popularity in the 19th century because of the simplicity in the design. You will find details such as simple, straight lines, bold accent tones, and completely clutter-free spaces. It usually includes a few centerpieces but resists small trinkets that would complicate the design of the area.
Modern style is free and open, and many people choose this design because of the calming effect it has on its residents.

Which Living Room Style is Best For You?

At the end of the day, it is essential to do what is best for you. You are the one that is going to be living in the room, so pick a style that fits your needs. There are other trends in the living room as well, but these three really stick out in the design world today. Minimalism, contemporary, and modern are all hot living room styles that you should at least consider using in your home.

Mercer Island Modern Bathroom

Modern designed bathroom escalates your experience to a more luxurious way of relaxing. Further more, they can effortlessly become a modern sanctuary for cleanliness and comfort. When we were designing this Mercer Island modern bathroom a main goal was to find a fine balance between comfort, aesthetic and practicality.

Our client wanted something exceptional that is nice to look at and really takes your special time with yourself to the next level. Therefore, we have paid a great attention designing this bathroom that is as modern as the amazing home it accompanies.

A Focal Point

Having a high-quality sink and a freestanding tub are things that can set an ordinary bathroom apart from the extraordinary. Freestanding tubs are a staple for modern bathroom designs.

We have created a niche with a special place for an oval beautiful tub. This statement piece is highlighted by the natural light it receives coming from the large windows.



Color Pallet

Elements of neutral color palette also bring out the modern appearance of the bathroom. While white marble tiles on floor and walls exudes sophistication, baroque accent wall tile gives the space a special charm. In addition, silver fixtures and accessories coordinate with the all-white bathroom for a crisp look.


Choosing lighting is a crucial part of modern design. Lights are a perfect medium to draw out the refined beauty of the materials. Plaster –in LED system in floor and accent wall complements the futuristic look. Modern chandelier as an elegant accent above the tub contributes to simple and attractive space.



Innovative Technology

Bathroom is one of the places in our home where we can loosen up our tired mind and body to isolate us away from stress. Advanced electronics are being included in modern bathrooms to create new and more satisfying experiences.  There for, some of modern innovative technologies were on client’s must-have list.

Bathroom features Kohler smart toilet and digital showering system with rain head and body sprays. The most important part is technology that creates a luxurious spa experience in the privacy of your home with a soothing steam shower. Entertainment gadgets have also been added including audio speakers and TV mirrors so that the time spent will be more fulfilling.



Modern day bathrooms are transforming into personalized day spas, and these technologies make the experience more relaxing and convenient than ever before. Mercer Island modern bathroom designed by our team feature a seamless design which follows simplistic lines to create a look that shows less is often more!

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