Color Trends in Fashion

Interior design and celebrity fashion color trends are constantly changing. They differ on a regular basis, and many shades burst into popularity and disappear as quickly as they arrived. There are specific colors that are currently ruling the fashion industry, and an in-depth look at a few of them can really help you as you decide on what you want the interior of your home or business space to look like.

Pink and green are known for being a potent combo.

It’s no surprise that they are trending in the fashion world today. The warm pinks beg to be paired with powerful greens for a dynamic duo that keeps the colors bright, with a modern twist. According to the “Pantone Color Trend Report,” in September, Pink Peacock and Pressed Rose sat atop the color mountain. Meanwhile, the trending greens were Terrarium Moss and Pepper Stern. These can be combined in a variety of different ways to give your room or outfit the elegance you desire.

“Earthy” color is a good way to describe the paint that we have been seeing in 2019. Designs with tones such as Kendall Charcoal, or Keystone Gray are both extremely popular in the interior field, while Chocolate Brown and Forest Green are rating highly in their respective areas.

This classification of “earthy” includes grays, browns, and dark/light greens in the spectrum. Specifically, these colors are used on accent walls and cabinetry, not necessarily on every surface in the space.

Three more shades of color that are hot during the winter of 2018 are Quetzal GreenMartini Olive, and Limelight.

These three are creating stand-out interiors in the Christmas-time months. The Quetzal tone radiates a teal color and then adds a vintage vibe to the spaces you design. Martini Olive is an “earthy” color that gives off an outdoorsy feeling. This makes it a good fit in rustic spaces. The Limelight shade must be used carefully, as it often makes spaces feel too bright and open. However, when used in sparse amounts, Limelight can take light rooms and add just a hint of color to them, completing the look.

The color trends in the design industry are constantly making their rounds.

Color trends are used and then abandoned only to return with a new twist. One thing to remember when it comes to coloring your interior: each and every color communicates something to the person who views it.

You must keep this in mind when designing spaces. A business layout should look much different from a home layout, specifically in the color choice. A business might use a set of colors that give off a professional vibe, while a home needs a much warmer feel to it.


If you are trying to create a stellar interior of any space let a professional help. At Ariana Designs, we are trained in imagining the best possible space that suits your needs. We love fleshing out our ideas to make your dreams come to life, and that begins when we select the first color.


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