Going beyond bold and sophisticated interiors, our proven design process creates functional and aesthetically pleasing environments that takes full advantage of all the potential of the room.

We pride ourselves on the ability to meet the specific needs of each client with creative and flexible design solutions from our collection of services along with the seamless delivery of beautiful inspiring spaces that meld design with functionality.


An initial design phase that seeks to define the general scope and conceptual design of the project including scale and relationships between components. The deliverables for this phase will consist of floor plans and digital 3d representation or conceptual image rendering of one or more schemes.


Includes the preparation of more detailed drawings and final design plans, showing correct sizes and shapes for all aspects of the design. The deliverables for this phase are floor plans, interior elevations, a more detailed 3d representation, and an outline specification identifying proposed equipment and materials.

Construction and
Permit Docs

Preparation of construction details, finish schedules, hardware schedules,light schedules, plumbing fixture schedules, and material/finish specifications. We will create a set of drawings that comply with a building/zoning department’s, checklist to verify the building is allowed to be built/modified, and it also shows it will meet the standards of safety, energy efficiency, occupancy, etc

Purchasing, Tracking and Delivery Management

We’ll observe the construction process and make sure that it is generally in accordance with the documents. Additionally, we will respond to ‘requests for clarification’ from the General Contractor, review product submittals and fabrication drawings. We will place orders, purchasing, tracking of shipments, arranging the delivery and installation, etc.


We provide custom-made as well as furniture from the shelf for you. Our team will find the best products at the most competitive prices. If necessary, we will take care of the delivery and installation, return/replacements process of any items that came in damaged, etc.

3D Renderings

Visuals are almost always a necessity for commercial projects. From simple sketches to photo realistic images with real world accuracy, we can create a package for any of your projects.