7 Common Design Mistakes in Interiors

There are many common design mistakes that totally ruin a project that has taken so much time planning and creating. They can reduce the value of your project, and also destroy the popularity of the place. The problem with design problems is that you might not know the mistakes that you are making.

Since so many of these errors tend to slip under the radar, we’ve compiled a list of seven different mistakes that you will want to watch out for, and a little information that will help you avoid these blunders in your future projects.

All The Way Up There?

How high you hang art is extremely important to the overall aesthetic of your design. The recommendation we make is taken from popular designers Jay Sacher and Suzanne LuGasa. Since the sightline for the average human is about 57 inches from the floor, it makes the perfect place to put your art in a space.

Hand-Me-Down Furniture

Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to pass down the family couch. It’s time you took full control of your design and purchased some furniture that corresponds with your interior. Having Auntie’s old recliner in the corner doesn’t look good. It looks tacky.

Buying Something You Like

Absolutely not. Never purchase something for your home that you aren’t in love with. At home, you will see your design constantly, and it will forever remind you that you just “like it.” But if you buy something you love, you will never tire of seeing it in your space.

Measure Twice Cut Once

I’m not sure where that phrase originated but it’s very very true. So often people make mistakes because they aren’t focused enough to slow down and end up rushing the important planning steps. Slow down and just breathe!

What Size Rug do We Need?

Rugs need to be placed in a very specific way to look good. They need to match or contrast the design of the room and most importantly, they need to be big enough! A rug that’s too small is noticeable. It’s not carpet either, so it shouldn’t cover the whole floor. Stop mistreating rugs people!

Where Are The Lights?

One light source does not get the job done. Ever. You are going to need a few different options so that you can adequately light the space in a multitude of different ways. This fix isn’t too hard, you can add lamps or install new light fixtures.

What About Green?

For some reason, people hate using plants as scenery and color accessories in their design projects. It’s one of the biggest common design mistakes we see in the business. But listen, a good plant or greenery item can make a drab place feel alive and stylish. Plants are great, stop overlooking them.


That’s all we have for this post, but we hope to bring light to these seven different mistakes that designers make. Maybe it will even help you with your next design project. If you ask your interior design team, they can provide you with even more info on other mistakes you might have missed. Happy designing! Contact us at Ariana Designs for even more help with your interior!


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