Compact Living – Dynamic Space

The starting point for the design of this stylish and cozy apartment was out intention to present a modern and dynamic space suitable for city life. As you know, more and more people choose to live in the big megalopolis and to make the smaller apartments their home. Therefore, compact living is a global trend that in the feature will become stronger.


Interior design is colorful, lively and full of contrast. Open space includes living room and kitchen with dining. The décor in the apartment is a bit rough but modern.

Main Floor

Main floor features welcoming entrance with white flooring and light gray – painted walls which run through the entire space.  The eye goes through small practical kitchens that do not feel cramped with straight lines and white subway backsplash tiles, and to the back living area.  The living room feels very light and airy with high glass doors that lead outside. This room is the heart of the entire space, multi-functional area ideal for socialization whose main attraction is a massive oak staircase leading into the bedroom. Blue tones are added to space to achieve cool and clear look. The key element of the design is semi-transparent ceiling so that it provides privacy but allows the spaces to stay connected and communicate with each other. An addition to this is a nice light exchange.


Second floor

Second floor design follows the same style as the main floor. We maximized the impression of this modern and dynamic space by keeping the use of light-gray color for the walls in the room. Bedroom is small but cozy, brimming with storage with big wall art that brings room together. This accent adds a feeling of serenity and completeness to apartment’s décor. Small working space is also incorporated in bedroom. Therefor, this apartment with its functionality provides everything that a modern man needs.



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