How To Decorate for the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful. You will find yourself busy buying gifts for friends, constantly preparing food for the family, and getting some much-needed rest at the same time. It’s safe to say that the holidays are crazy. Amongst all of this craziness, it’s important to make sure you do some good work on your decorations to make your home feel warm and festive for your guests. Here are five tips on how to decorate for the holidays.

Turn the Lights Down Low

Lights are an immense part of the holiday season, and we’re not just talking about the lights around your house. Use lights in your interior to create a warm, joyous feel.

“We let the tree and candles light the room, and dim all of the regular lighting to set a cozy and festive mood.” – Stephen Czeck and Jen Going

Allow specially picked out candles or a magnificent Christmas tree to set the room’s shade with warm lighting. Dimming the lights just makes it feel more festive!

Decorate the Bathroom Too

So often we overlook the bathroom while we are designing our home decorations. When we neglect this space, it makes our home feel less inviting. If you have guests coming, they are sure to use this room at some point; so make sure it looks pristine and makes them feel welcome!

Hand towels should be folded neatly for a tidy appearance, and it’s never a bad thing to spend a few extra pennies on holiday-scented hand creams and soaps. Flowers are also an exceptional addition, but make sure to keep them within reason for the size of the room. Your bathroom can use a touch of color from various arrangements, but be sure to keep them appropriate and neat.

Green, Green and more Green

Green is one of the best colors to use when you decorate for the holidays. It really brings out the festive spirit in all of us. Darkish greens can be coupled with lighter reds and lighter greens with cranberry reds.

You can use the obvious decorations such as a tree or a wreath, but don’t underestimate the value of a few pieces of carefully spread greenery whether it be real or fake arrangements.

Bonus: Use Pine or Spruce, the effect will make your house look great and smell even better!

Where Do I Sit?

Don’t forget to accommodate all of your guests when planning for the holidays. There are few things worse when having a family or friends get-together and having more guests than seats.

This means you might need to bring in extra seating for a party, or perhaps the family is coming. Either way, ample seating is a must, and it allows you to add a couple of design features as well. Cream colors are popular with seating. You can also use tip #3 and add green with the brownish wood of the chairs.

Pick a Theme

This is probably the easiest but most important tip on our list. Picking a theme is important in most of the design industry, and it is significant to keep in mind when you decorate for the holidays.

Center around one idea, like a minimalist silver theme, a warm reddish style, or a clean greenish vibe. Then, center all of your decorations around that idea. Make sure even the smallest details align with the theme, and you can expect an incredible finished product.






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