Design in Small Spaces: 3 Creative Tips

We are all creators in our lives. Whether that be what we do or say, we as humans create reputations and perceptions that shape our lives. In design, we use our creative inspirations to design elegant spaces that all come together in a common theme. One of the best ways to make your design stand out is by focusing on the small areas.

These tiny crevices such as small nooks, shelves, or even the space below the stairs are all viable options that we often neglect. If we take an extra second and thoughtfully plan these spaces, we can add an element of completeness to our already stellar design.

Here are a few ideas for those small tight spaces.

Who Looks Under The Stairs?

“No one” is what you might be thinking, but that might not be the case, especially in a home with an open stairway that wastes a little bit of space. Notable designers have put shelving units and small tables under various stairs.

I’ve even heard of a space that was designed with a mini-bar style table under the stairway. It was accessible, stylish, and added to the functionality of the hallway. Just a little thing like this will significantly improve your design in a small space.

Mirrors on the Wall

One of the biggest problems you might be running into in your design is how to fill space on a wall. It might not even be ample space, but you can’t seem to find the right combination of items to fit into the area.

Mirrors fit into many tiny spaces and add a sleek look to your design. A mirror is an excellent tool because it goes with almost any colorway, and can instantly add light to the room. A mirror can make a place feel deeper and add elegance at the same time.

If you’re having trouble filling a small space, be sure to try out a mirror. You might be surprised how much of a difference a mirror can make.

Light it Up

Small spaces often lack creativity because they lack sufficient lighting. A closet or small shelving space doesn’t have enough light to grab the attention of a viewer, so you need to add a bit of sparkle to spice up the design.

There are all sorts of lights that we could recommend, and it depends on your design and what you decide to use. It could be something as simple as a candle or opening the drapes a specific way. It’s a small space, so it doesn’t have to be a significant change. A little addition or subtraction of light will help your tiny area stand out in your design.

Conclusion: Design in Small Spaces

Adding some shelves or lighting can be one of the best ways to add to your small space. Great designs are great because they maximize every single square inch of area in their design. Remember that more isn’t always better, you want to make sure your little room matches your overall design. Just be careful, next time you have friends over, you’re going to have to explain why the under the stairs looks so great.

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