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It’s human nature to judge on appearance, and it’s magnified when running a business. Dress to impress others is key when running a business. The first six seconds will determine if you can keep grabbing someone’s attention. The first sense that we use is sight, so it does not matter how good the interior looks like if it can’t make people come in. Everything needs to be cohesive: the interior and the exterior, especially when branding. Showcase your brand by adding a commercial display or a commercial signage by simply using a building display this is possible by getting a signage.

Signage is not just for advertising

Customize it to suit the brand, add bling to a blank wall or accessories that plain door to add texture by layering. Signage comes in different designs and layout like: display directions, the name of offices, numbers of buildings or general information.

Advertise by Branding

Merging the signage with the exterior design that can create a focal area that draws the eyes to the brand. Integrate depth of feel by using different materials such as raised letters or using bold colors. Add alluring effects with proper lighting with a focused beam of light or add drama by changing the color temperature.

Devil is in the detail

Fashion the signage to have striking finishes like chrome or crystal that simply creates a WOW effect. Make it seamless that it blends with the background raising the numbers/letters and text pops out. Texturize the finish by using different materials merging them all together to make one stunning sign. Put messages, information, directions, numbers and/or names on that signage.

Customize to suit the needs

Customize the signage to dress to impress and suit the needs of the clients, employees, residents, and customers by personalizing it. This can be as subtle as needed with just clear lettering, loud and large lettering for better visual representation or popping hues that screams READ ME!

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