Exterior Design: Three Thoughts for your Project

There are two main areas of importance in the design industry, interior and exterior. Today we are going to focus on the latter of the two. What is popular in exterior design? More specifically, we want to answer the question: What is hot right now in exterior tones and methods?

Choosing your exterior style can be one of the toughest choices when starting a project. Here are three trends we recommend for the exterior.

Mix it up

First of all, pick a few different tones that you want to incorporate together. Then you will want to settle on a few specific shades. You want a dominant color, an accent color, and a trim color.

These colors should complement each other and work in tandem to create the visual effect you envision. If you are uncertain about which colors work together, be sure to ask your design team for help settling on a hue.


Consider the Style

An important thing to weigh when designing your home is how the style and colors intertwine. You don’t want a classic Victorian house painted burnt orange. It just wouldn’t work.

The color tone and design should complement each other and set the project apart from the rest. If you are struggling with this, the designer and architect can help you with the robust combinations.

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Be Wary of the Unchangeable

Now, this isn’t to say that you can’t change your driveway, or chop down the tree in the front yard, but you should consider the “harder to change” elements and design to work with them.

If you have a specific shingle design or color, it can be helpful to match those as well. Most pathways and yard work will remain similar, so it’s important to consider them when thinking about the exterior of your project.

The exterior is extremely important to the design of your home. Naturally, it’s the part of your house that most people will see, so make sure you plan with your design team to get the most beautiful and adequate exterior possible.


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