Fashion Paves the Way

There are trendsetters everywhere in life. Especially in the fashion industry. A celebrity wears a piece, and the next day it sells out across the world. All due to one person supporting the color or style. This isn’t just the case with fashion but is also seen in the interior design world as well.

The two worlds are very similar and often intersect in different areas. Just like in the fashion world, when a leading designer uses one piece or style in a space that they are creating, it instantly becomes a modern trend.


But they tie into each other in another way that might not be easy to see. Fashion often precedes interior design. Often we examine trends in interior design and can trace them all the way back to the fashion industry.

You can see a significant example of this in one of the popular pattern designs. Plaid wasn’t very big until about five years ago it burst back onto the conventional scene. Well, here we are now, and plaid is starting to make quite a comeback in the interior design industry.

It doesn’t just happen with patterns either. You see a theme of self-expression in fashion, and that theme has also made it to interior design. Fashion and personal style are all about being yourself and showing your true colors.

Now, interior designers are creating homes for people that fit a family or individual’s profile. That’s what the people want. Something that will show their guests who they are.

You can see this trend in styles and design by going back and checking clothing habits and patterns that were popular five years ago and then looking at popular interior designs today. You will see a pretty consistent correlation between the two.

If you see something popular in style, you can almost always expect it to make it to the world of interior design. Because in the world of design, fashion paves the way.


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