Guest Bedroom: A Functional Option

Most of us love having relatives and friends staying over our house. As a good host, our intention is to prepare a place where our guests will feel like they are at home.

We all know that the modern way of life makes us live in cities in small spaces where in the way of our cordiality is the lack of a square. But, let us consider the option in which the host’s living space allows guests to have the whole room for themselves and not just a place in a child’s bed.

So how to arrange a room for a pleasant stay of people of different tastes and preferences and get you the title of the perfect host?


The guest room serves as an alternative to a hotel room. Therefore, the interior should be based on concepts such as comfort and functionality. If the bed is uncomfortable and the clothes have to be hung on a chair, it’s unlikely that guests will appreciate the beauty of the walls or stylish accessories. Ensure guests have enough space for their luggage and always have fresh beddings for your guests and keep it tidy.

Color Range

Native colors are right choice. Soft tones off white, beige and blue for an optimum effect. Brighter rooms look bigger and more inviting. Wall paint should be pleasing to the eye and reflects leisure, comfort, togetherness. Use emerald green, brown, purple, dark blue or terracotta for accents. We suggest creating room’s unique personality, soothing space with modern appeal.

Be creative

Wallpapers are back in fashion! But be careful when choosing your design and consider creating a cohesive whole that will fit nicely into space. With bold wallpaper you can create accent wall.


Add stylish bedside lamps for pleasing result and invite them to relax with a good read by stocking bedside tables with interesting books or current magazines.


Spoil your guests with some simple but beautiful finishing touches to make your guest room a place people can’t wait to spend time in.

Help Them Feel at Home

Place guest towels, a robe and extra blankets visibly in the room so guests have everything they need to freshen up on arrival. Put even the smallest working space so they can still do some work comfortably despite not being in their homes or office.

Don’t Forget Your 4-Legged Guests

Dedicate a corner in guest room space and put a pet bed, treats and food/water dishes for your guest’s pets. Your guests that are pet-lovers will greatly appreciate those thoughtful details.


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