Why You Should Design an Island into Your Kitchen

Island kitchens really help in three major areas: storage space, arrangement style, and overall function. If you really need any one of these areas or all three of them, an Island Kitchen style might be the perfect design for you.

Work triangles can be a good fit for a kitchen but are often much to large to practically work. This is where an island style comes into play. It has the ability to open up a small and compact space.

Space for Guests

Kitchen islands open up a bunch of extra seating for your guests. In today’s time, we are having people over more often. The social aspect of our society is only growing. Therefore, the need for extra seating is key. You can entertain people at the island while preparing food and setting the table.

It can also be used to keep a close eye on the children. Especially if you have younger kids, sitting them down at the island while you get work done is a great way to keep them out of trouble.



Customizable Design

Kitchen islands are extremely customizable. You can style the lighting, cabinets, and appliances to match the island. If the island is designed to fit your main theme, then your options are endless.

When thinking about your design team, be sure to collaborate with your design team in order to really put your vision on paper. The interior designers will help you grow your idea and push your creativity to new heights.



Storage, Storage, Storage

Your island setup will add storage space. The island functions as just another area for cabinets, drawers, and closets. Storage is super important in your kitchen, but you also want your storage to be relatively close in proximity to your main work area.

With an island design, you can have the storage directly under your workspace. This makes the direct selection of cooking utensils and ingredients an awesome working part of the island design.



Overall, the island design has a bunch of upsides. We are seeing more and more homes turn to this design for some of the reasons we mentioned above. If you have questions about this style of kitchen talk to your designers about incorporating it into your next project.



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