Kitchens – How we do it! – Part 1

You don’t have to be a top-chef to have a fabulous kitchen. There are many popular styles to choose from. From Modern to Country, Contemporary, Traditional and more.

In this post we’ll review how we do it.  Let’s take a peek.

Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen offers streamlined and minimalist styling with clean lines, open spaces and highly-functional post-industrial materials combined with natural timber and stone. With this design we ensured that the light and space are maximized with the use of reflective materials and cleverly designed kitchen storage solutions.

Space is glamorous and celebrates advancements in technology, creativity and skill. Therefor, this design is ideal if you want to give your kitchen a confident, sleek look.


Contemporary Kitchen

Clean lines and sleek surfaces are one of the more important features that make contemporary style recognizable. To accomplish the client’s goal of having a design with more character, we have created open space kitchen with an inviting seating nook in one part. Cozy chairs upholstered in yellow leather give a bright and optimistic air for the space.

Cabinets with narrow flat framing are a modern white. In contrast of white cabinets are black natural stone countertops. Same material continues on the walls to the ceiling for dramatic effect. Wood part of island’s countertop in same finish as floor contributes to warmer and inviting feeling of space. In addition to overall look we have chosen  gold-finish fixtures and pulls as a elegant and sophisticated accent.

Like all other kitchens of this type, one of the great things about this kitchen is it makes good use of the space available. We paid attention to give the function of each segment of this custom made cabinets and adapt their use to the owner’s modern lifestyle.


Traditional Kitchen

In this kitchen we have mixed and match natural materials to create traditional kitchen look. Moreover, stained wood and patterned stone give the room a comfortably layered look. Therefore, traditional kitchens embrace the natural imperfections of wood and stone as they add to the detail of the room.

We are using raised glass-front cabinets with decorative crown molding to add flair to the room. Pastel color palette injected with vintage-style elements offers a traditional look that transcends time and trends.

Wood looking floor tiles give warmth to the entire space. In addition to the timeless feel of the room ornament tiles in backsplash exude elegance and sophistication. A lot of natural light contributes to the overall impression.

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