Lighting: Designing Brilliance

When designing a room, lighting can change the atmosphere of a space. Using lighting correctly is what separates good design from great design. Many times, illumination is overlooked because of home-buyers who aren’t taught to utilize the power of light.

Interior designers know that building a perfectly lit room is a key ingredient in the overall pattern of the space.

Natural Lighting vs. Artificial Lighting

Natural daylight is a commodity, and the warmth it brings to a room is very hard to replicate. Windows open up space and show off specific color tones and hues in the paint.

Artificial lighting is quickly becoming popular in design. Although many designers try to replicate natural light, they often find it to be a difficult task. With the way technology is changing, it is definitely becoming more and more of a possibility in everyday design.



Know Your Space

Lighting should be a part of the atmosphere of the room. It should be functional but also stylistic. These designs do take time and adequate planning so asking your design team about the lighting should be a top priority early on in the design process.

Light can bring depth as well as texture to space. It can also alter various hues and tones. For example, a white wall will look very different if it has a greenish LED light focused on it. Lighting can also be used to optimize a multitude of different areas.

For instance, you can use LED lights to change the color and texture of a space. This allows for multiple different designs woven into one seamless style.


Nautical Modern Girl's Bedroom

Use Verticality

Lighting the walls, ceilings, and overhangs can really add depth and texture to design. Shadows and various shading can take a drab space and make it stand out. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using vertical lights to make the room feel deeper.

Light can expand the room, and make it feel wider and taller than it actually is. Designing with this in mind will help you create the best possible space.

Light has many functions and still is a key piece of design in the interior world. So when you are working on your next project or space, make sure you don’t neglect the lighting.



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