Lounge Style Restaurant Design

We recently designed a beautiful lounge-style restaurant. There were many specific designs we were trying on this project, and the result was a beautiful modern/wood blend.

A Couple Things to Keep in Mind

When we designed this restaurant space, there are a few things we wanted to prioritize. The customer is number one on our list. Whatever the customer is looking for in design, atmosphere, and functionality is our top priority. Our goal is to give the customer the best experience. We want them to return for more! The design is crucial in our pursuit of a quality atmosphere here at Ariana Designs.

Our Emphasis

The lounge we did recently combines a leisure lounge and a busy restaurant to create the environment that we were looking to provide. We wanted it to look modern, and we used plenty of contemporary style chairs, as well as a couch section with dividers to give it a relaxing feel.

The colors also give it a feeling of warmth and relaxation. The copper and silver tones emphasize the professionalism we are looking to show, while the painting and the candlelight make it feel warm and inviting.

We also wanted to allow for a variety of seating options for the customer to select. We designed it so that the couch-style is more modern than many restaurant designs while the single-seat options are perfect for an interview or intimate date.

Finishing Touches

The walls are elegant marble, and the hanging lights give the space a bit of different look to it. The windows also provide the customer with a beautiful view of the surrounding areas, as well as a bit of natural light during the day.

Overall, we wanted this project to focus on individualized customer needs. The walkways are wide enough for constant traffic, there is sufficient seating, and an open style allows the customers to be free and expressive.

This is one of our many restaurant designs, and we especially enjoyed the lounge-style set-up.


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