Mercer Island Modern Bathroom

Modern designed bathroom escalates your experience to a more luxurious way of relaxing. Further more, they can effortlessly become a modern sanctuary for cleanliness and comfort. When we were designing this Mercer Island modern bathroom a main goal was to find a fine balance between comfort, aesthetic and practicality.

Our client wanted something exceptional that is nice to look at and really takes your special time with yourself to the next level. Therefore, we have paid a great attention designing this bathroom that is as modern as the amazing home it accompanies.

A Focal Point

Having a high-quality sink and a freestanding tub are things that can set an ordinary bathroom apart from the extraordinary. Freestanding tubs are a staple for modern bathroom designs.

We have created a niche with a special place for an oval beautiful tub. This statement piece is highlighted by the natural light it receives coming from the large windows.



Color Pallet

Elements of neutral color palette also bring out the modern appearance of the bathroom. While white marble tiles on floor and walls exudes sophistication, baroque accent wall tile gives the space a special charm. In addition, silver fixtures and accessories coordinate with the all-white bathroom for a crisp look.


Choosing lighting is a crucial part of modern design. Lights are a perfect medium to draw out the refined beauty of the materials. Plaster –in LED system in floor and accent wall complements the futuristic look. Modern chandelier as an elegant accent above the tub contributes to simple and attractive space.



Innovative Technology

Bathroom is one of the places in our home where we can loosen up our tired mind and body to isolate us away from stress. Advanced electronics are being included in modern bathrooms to create new and more satisfying experiences.  There for, some of modern innovative technologies were on client’s must-have list.

Bathroom features Kohler smart toilet and digital showering system with rain head and body sprays. The most important part is technology that creates a luxurious spa experience in the privacy of your home with a soothing steam shower. Entertainment gadgets have also been added including audio speakers and TV mirrors so that the time spent will be more fulfilling.



Modern day bathrooms are transforming into personalized day spas, and these technologies make the experience more relaxing and convenient than ever before. Mercer Island modern bathroom designed by our team feature a seamless design which follows simplistic lines to create a look that shows less is often more!


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