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Acquiring permits for your project is an exciting topic because of the complexity of the process. It’s essential that you follow all of the rules and do things by the book so that you ensure that your project is government approved. This blog will answer multiple questions about permits and why your project will need them.

A permit is an authorized approval issued by a government agency to proceed with your design or construction plan. Well, the general answer is that you will need it for almost everything. However, the specific answer is anything structural. If you are changing something significant about the house or building, you are going to need a permit.

We partnered with Robert Bonner from Bonner Designs and Mr. Peng Tea, a notable real-estate agent, to bring you this information. Mr. Bonner makes an excellent point. If the government can see it from Google Earth, you are going to need a permit.

Now some smaller jobs that can be done indoors and aren’t structurally changing can be done without a permit. However, make sure to do these jobs with the help of a licensed professional. These projects should be of the repair or replacement variety and should not add anything structurally to your building or area.

Your design team can handle the permitting process for you, but make sure that you are communicative with the team throughout the process. The last thing you want is for a contractor to not apply for a permit thinking that it wasn’t their job, or it wasn’t in their contract. Make sure you take every measure to cover this.

The permitting process is a tough one, but hopefully, this blog helped you better understand the system. This article is the first episode in a three-part series that will hopefully help you learn everything there is to know about permits.


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