Portage Bay – Lake Union


This glass-encapsulated floating home extends over three levels, including the living room, beautiful master suite, guest bedroom, entertainment/media room, gym, and rooftop deck. The home communicates with the visitor right from the entrance through the main hallway feature: a wall enveloped in wooden panels, festooned with a beehive-reminiscent 3D pattern. Colorful integrated backlights greet the habitues, meeting the client’s wish for space with a strong personality and fun vibes.

The living area is an ample open concept, featuring wide external lake views. It showcases a modern lifestyle polished by the strong artistic flair that flows throughout the entire house. The featured spirit is engraved in every elaborate custom-made detail, from stylized hanging dice pendants to bathroom murals.

The entertainment room offers a combination of artwork, decorative elements, modern sleek fixtures, and notable cutting-edge technology, making it the owner’s favorite part of the house.