Northwest Bellevue


The main challenge of this project was to help the client maximize the functionality of the existing layout. The impractical space organization was not suitable for their energetic lifestyle – the kitchen was too far away, while the fireplace was too exposed, leaving insufficient space for proper seating arrangement. We were asked to come up with a practical solution that would satisfy their high aesthetic standards.

The project started with improving the spatial design, reorganizing the kitchen, and making the overall traffic flow more efficient. We reimagined, reinvented, and reshaped the living area, synthesizing inhabitants’ diverse needs and ideas to translate them into a coherent, communicative whole. The new layout maximized the space utility, visually defining each zone while maintaining its functional integrity as a part of the synthesis. In addition, the seating arrangement allowed for taking full advantage of the ample windows in order to bring the outside in.

The final result is a chic and classy interior with an open and airy feel. Through a sophisticated blend of modern features and clean lines with classic aesthetics, we conveyed the luxury flair of a high-end design, turning an average open space interior into a striking composition.