When a client approached us with the desire to upgrade a bathroom in their Mercer Island Villa, the primary request was to establish a fine balance between comfort, esthetic, and utility.

Modern bathrooms are a matter of experience, places that engage all of the senses, turning the routine into ritual and establishing a more lavish way of relaxing. Guided by the idea of a luxurious sanctuary, we put the design process into motion. Enveloping the composition in a neutral color palette, with white marble as the base material, set the key tone of a clean, lavishly appointed elegance. Serpentine golden accents on the feature wall promoted sophisticated visual dynamics, conducting the luxurious cadence.

The selection of amenities exudes poise filled with distinctive charm. A freestanding tub is placed in a dedicated niche to further elevate the bathing ritual with a fresh approach in bringing the outside in. The ample window in the background frames the external view as a living painting, turning it into another decorative element seamlessly integrated into the composition. A crystal chandelier hung above the tub completes the scenery with a dash of cheeky glam.

The luxurious spa experience was completed with advanced electronics, including Kohler smart toilet and a digital showering system equipped with rain head and body sprays. Seamless incorporation of audio speakers and TV mirrors ensure a fully rounded sensory indulgence. At the same time, silver fixtures and accessories coordinate with the rest of the bathroom for a crisp look.

Classic style and opulent materials blended with modern amenities and innovative technology transformed an everyday bathroom into a place to loosen up both mind and body, providing a way to isolate away from stress in a private oasis.