Mercer Island


The client, born in Italy, wanted to remodel their kitchen, looking for a modern design version of classic Tuscany-style refinement. That included elegant craftsmanship with attention to detail, elaborate finishings, and distinctive embellishments. Our vision gravitated towards timeless decor and a setting that would provide plenty of room for family time and entertaining guests.

In order to enhance the existing kitchen’s functionality, it was necessary to create a spacious layout with an ample cooking area. For that purpose, we doubled the existing floor space, making it serviceable for the whole family. A new, generous cabinet set up with open shelving secured plenty of neat storage for cooking tools and dishes. At the same time, a long center island expanded the working surface, simultaneously providing additional storage and seating space. A charming breakfast nook complements the setting, along with unique features such as an armchair for chef’s rest and a side table with storage for recipe books.

The efficient yet aesthetically pleasing arrangement is characterized by elaborate detailing. Antique accent tiles on a neutral background convey exuberant energy, while the golden details on the exhaust hood are reminiscent of the Tuscan sun. A custom iron chandelier, embellished with crystal beads for a touch of modern glam, dominates the air above the island.

Despite its traditional flair, the kitchen features all the modern amenities, from granite countertops to an integrated refrigerator and premium appliances. Its design represents a stunning rendition of refined style that will endure well over time.