Three Phases of the Permit Process


There are three phases that are commonly mentioned when it comes to the permit process in a construction project. The goal we have is to make this process as fun and simple as possible. The three steps are easy to understand and provide an explanation for exactly what is going to be accomplished. The first step you have to start with is the end goal or idea.

The Vision Phase

The vision is a super fun part so let your creativity shine! It’s creative and allows you to sketch out what you are imagining. The goal is to give your plan value and take your ideas to the next level. We will build the plans during this step, and try to make sure you are happy with everything that we have set up at that point.

The Technical Phase

This step isn’t quite as fun as the last one, but it is still a necessary part of the process. This step involves documentation and recording everything from structural specifics to external creations. Our goal is to get everything finished up and finalized.


The Permit Phase

Once we have everything ready to go, we will send off the permits to be approved by the government. This includes scheduling contractors and setting up different jobs to be done by various groups. This is also where you want to check and make sure everything is just how you want it to be. Once you send in the permits, it’s difficult to make significant changes.

This is a long process but it can also be an enjoying one. Seeing a project coming together can really be an excellent sight to behold. Always go through the correct channels and make sure your project is done properly. It will save hours of hassle in the future.

This is the second article in a series of posts about the permitting process. Be sure to check the other two out as well!


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