Top Paints to use in Interior Design

Which top Paint is Right for you?

Choosing the right shade of paint can be the hardest part of the design process. There are millions of shades of color, and deciding on exactly the right tone almost feels like science.

The paint you use can completely change an interior to feel a certain way. Whether that’s warm, or open, paint plays a vital role in the design of space in your home.

We have compiled a list of five top paint shades to use in your interior design. Here they are:

Five Top Paint Shades

Raccoon Fur

Raccoon Fur from Benjamin Moore is a favorite shade in many kitchen areas. The dark gray color often flourishes in kitchen spaces that have elevated ceilings. It also looks great when mixed with dark blues or lighter grays and whites. Natural light allows the shade to be beautiful, and elegant. Because of this, the kitchen or living room is the perfect place for this color.

Twilight Chimes

Twilight Chimes by Pratt and Lambert is not super popular but can make the cabinets in your kitchen stand out and look professional. It is best paired with white and tangerine to “modernize” a kitchen space.

Light Pewter

Light Pewter by Benjamin Moore is the perfect neutral gray for your living space. The key to this paint color is its versatility. It can be paired with a wide variety of interior colors and styles and still look stunning. It is an age-old colorway that makes choosing the rest of your paints an easy task.

White Dove

White Dove by Benjamin Moore is one of the most classic white colors that you can use. It has a professional and intelligent feel to it. It has undertones of warmth, but it doesn’t feel yellow. This is one of those paints that can be used in an entire house. Then you can go through and use specific colors in different rooms to stand out.

Alligator Alley

Alligator Alley by Benjamin Moore is a rustic looking paint. It has some grayish tones that make it simple and refreshing in a space. You can use this paint in small quantities or an entire area.

We hope you enjoyed our list of five paints that can revolutionize an interior. Choosing a shade is one of the most critical decisions in the creation and design of an interior. Make sure to prioritize this part of the design process.


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