Staging is one of the key components when selling or leasing a property. It enables clients to experience the space, get inspired and connect it visually to personal preference. Physically staging a property requires a lot of planning, hard work and logistics, not to mention time and money associated with this effort. Luckily, thanks to the advancements in technology, we can now bring any space to life for a fraction of the cost and time!

No more moving trucks – say hello to virtual staging!

Virtual staging is a process of creating a photorealistic visualization of a space, filled with 3D models of furniture and other accessories. It allows clients to see how the finished property may look like when properly furnished. Virtual staging is definitely the best method for marketing a vacant property but can also help any prospect buyer choose between possible options.


Real estate professionals use it to improve their sales

Realtors save a lot of time and resources by switching from traditional to virtual staging. Traditional staging is a process of furnishing a space so the client could come and get a better feel of the layouts, possibilities or limitations. It turns out that virtual staging costs roughly just 10% of what you would typically spent on traditional staging.

Allowing clients to see the photorealistic 3D visualization of their future home has done wonders for real estate business. The real estate agent can show the client different combination of furnishings and how these will look like when installed into a space. Now just imagine doing all of this by carrying chairs, beds, and tables around the whole day. Most importantly, clients can experience their future properties, properly setting expectations.


Buyers will know what lies in store for them

Virtual staging has allowed buyers to see the full potential of a property. Thanks to modern, new technologies, the buyers are able to see the space furnished according to their wishes and to fully experience even the unbuilt space. Every change they want to apply to a space will easily be realized in a short time. They can see how a vacant space could be arranged according to their wishes and even compare it with other properties, when narrowing down their options.

Builders and architects use virtual staging, too

Virtual staging has inspired many builders and architects with fresh new ideas on how to successfully set up a property. By using the wonders of modern 3D technology, they can easily develop the layout and maximize the usage of a space. With this option available at their disposal, architects and engineers can experiment with a space without spending a single day at the worksite.

Furniture designers can easily present their pieces to a client

With virtual staging by their side, furniture designers can easily show how their pieces will fit in the prospective buyer’s space. Designers can showcase their entire selections and virtually install them in the client’s home for a short time and in much cost effective manner.

Interior designers are able to easily express their ideas

Instead of holding hour-long presentations with tons of paper in front of them, interior designers have switched to using 3D visualization for presenting their ideas. Thanks to virtual staging, interior designers can easily agree with the client what needs to be done. They can show the client how furniture could be arranged, what color is suitable for their walls and what decoration is most appropriate for a certain space. Simply put, interior designers are now able to realistically present their ideas on screen and to enable a client to fully experience their work.

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