We are offering eDESIGN

Do you hear the term eDesign and wonder what that even means? Well, it’s Online Interior Design. This is a new service we are offering to our new clients. It’s a perfect solution for residential, boutique office & commercial clients who, regardless of their location, are looking for a more cost-effective service.
Now you’re probably wondering how an Interior Designer can renovate your space without physically seeing your area in person? Well, Virtual Interior Design allows you to work one-on-one with an interior designer remotely to decorate your home or office professionally. It is the magic combination of professional design guidance, affordable prices, plus an easy and quick process that is attractive to people everywhere.

Who is eDesign right for?

The beauty of this process is that you get to decide your level of comfort and the scope of your abilities to determine which tasks you can do yourself and which you might need some help with. So, if you love interior design and DIY projects, this is a service for you. It’s a true collaboration between designer and client.

How eDesign works?

We are doing all of the communication by phone, email, or video calls, allowing you to have more flexibility in your schedule. Moodboards, floorplans, renderings, shopping lists, and other project documents are digitally delivered to your inbox. Since this service is DIY-friendly, it requires you (or someone else) to assemble furniture, move things in place, and hang artwork and your window treatments.

Benefits of eDesign

COST is the most dazzling benefit. Traditional full-service Interior Designers have a minimum budget requirement, which is not the case here. With eDesign, you set the budget because eDesign projects require less time investment, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting a lesser quality design. It merely means that you’re not paying for all of the busywork.

LOCATION is another one. E-Designers can work with clients who live anywhere! High-speed internet is the only condition. The best benefit of this feature is that you are getting a designer who isn’t just dedicated to the regional decor. How fantastic is that?
Our role is to develop a game plan, and your role is to execute it! Contact us to schedule your consultation.



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