Wheelchair Accessible Design

A popular feature in homes and business areas is to add wheelchair accessibility. Some homeowners need special accessibility options due to a disability or similar limitation. Offices might need to add special access points for potential clients or current staff. If disability design is something that interests you keep reading! We are going to give you a few tips and ideas to consider as you move your design plans forward.

There are hundreds of ways that technology can help people who are confined to a wheelchair move around comfortably in a home.

Electronic Doors for Wheelchair Accessible Design

This might not seem like an option depending on your budget, but it is definitely a huge help if possible. Being able to open a door with the push of a button changes accessibility points completely. This is a great way to make your office or home wheelchair accessible.

While we’re talking about the doors, make sure that the frame is wide enough to be passed through with a wheelchair. It needs to be at least 32″ from side to side to accommodate a wheelchair, but 36″ is an even better width.

Accessible Controls

Sometimes light switches, thermostats, and other controls are designed at a height that is unreachable for a wheelchair resident. Make sure to prioritize a lower height to give those that are disabled control over various home functions.

Smart home tools are great options for people with disabilities. Being able to turn off the lights or turn on music by speaking is a great idea to consider with your design.

Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms have to be a focus in your design because of how difficult a problem they pose in the life of someone who is in a wheelchair. Lowered sinks, open space under cabinets and countertops, and ground-level cabinets are all options to consider. If possible, a roll-in-shower can be a huge addition. Bars to hold on to across the bathroom are also mandatory for these designs.

Miscellaneous Design Options

Be sure to include other items in your design are things like railings outside, ramps into the home, and offset door hinges to increase space.

Anything that you can think of in the design that will increase the accessibility and mobility is a viable option.

To Sum it All Up

Wheelchair accessible design and renovation should be considered more and more for homes and offices that need to support disabled patrons. If you liked any of these ideas feel free to use and present them to your design team. They will give you further instructions on how you can implement them in the overall style of the space.


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