Can You do Architecture and Interior Design Together?

“Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.”

– Le Corbusier

Designing your dream home involves much more than just putting up walls. It’s about perfectly matching architecture and interior design. At its heart, the right architectural design is set via the right floor plans and building specs. Interior design architecture then take this framework and adds warmth and life. This goes well beyond choosing where things go and which styles to use. Design considerations include which colors to paint the walls, what type of lights to use, and the design aesthetics of the surfaces and cabinets. By combining skillsets in one firm, design build architecture firms can make sure your home is beautiful inside and out. This teamwork leads to a living space integrates beauty and function.

Our clients in and around the Bellevue and Kirkland areas have discovered how drastically projects are improved by working with a combined full-service interior and architectural design team. It proves that joining the vision of both these creatives boosts the outcome. Their collaboration doesn’t just fix structural problems or pick pretty decor. It creates homes that work well and truly inspire those who live in them. For bigger projects, like when you’re building or remodeling a whole house, having both on board ensures you get the best.

Key Takeaways

Can interior designers also define architectural strategy?

Spoiler: Yes! While interior designers and architects working together can create designs that are both beautiful and functional, more impressive still is a residential design specialist who can do both. The right interior + architecture design team can meld both roles into a comprehensive vision for the final work of art that will become your home. This helps from beginning to end, as the designer considers final design decisions around lighting, furniture, and spacing while blueprinting the spaces, all before the interior work ever begins. But let’s review what each of these specialists brings to the table independently.

What Interior Designers Do

Interior designers focus on making spaces look exquisite and work functionally. They consider every detail – from how big furniture should be to where it should go based on lighting, standard footpaths, and the flow of each room. Interior styling means knowing how to source the best lights and the exact right material selection to make a space feel elevated yet comfortable.

What Architects / Architecture Firms Do

Architects make sure buildings are strong and efficient, but also beautiful and considerate of the surrounding landscape. They design the building’s layout and look and often handle getting building permits. Having an architect on your team can help save money by making the construction more efficient. They also focus on making buildings use less energy, which saves money in the long run. For big projects, they work with many different people to keep things on track and accurate.

The Benefits of An Architectural Designer With Expertise in Both

An architectural designer who knows both architecture and interior design is hard to find and makes a drastic difference in the final design outcome of your home. They make sure the inside and outside of a residence flow well together, looking great and working perfectly. This kind of designer understands how every detail affects the whole, ensuring the final product is both beautiful and practical. This makes the space truly harmonious and enjoyable.

What is an architectural interior designer?

An interior architect mixes architecture and interior design well. They make spaces that work well and look nice. To do this, they need to know a lot about both fields. This way, they can make the inside match a building’s design well.

Interior architecture and regular architecture look at design differently. Regular architects focus on how the outside of a building looks and meets rules. In contrast, interior architects decide where things like doors and windows should go inside. They also think about how air flows in the building.

Architects take lots of classes and do internships before they can be licensed. On the other hand, interior architects need to know how to use special design software and understand building structures well. They have a big part in designing the whole building.

Interior architects may reuse buildings in new and modern ways. They work on homes, offices, and cultural spaces. They can focus on different kinds of projects.

Sustainable design is very important in the design field now. Design firms try to use materials that are good for the planet and save energy. This helps make designs that are luxurious and also good for the future.

So, being an architectural interior designer involves a broad skillset. They must be good at planning space, caring about the environment, and paying attention to style. This combination lets them make truly inspiring places.

Do I need an architect for interior design?

Many people think an independent architect is necessary for great interior design. However, an experienced dual-practice design firm (interior and architectural) has all the skills and abilities of an architect, with the added advantage of interior design insights powering their architectural designs. They can manage the look and function of spaces all on their own. They are experts in choosing materials, laying out spaces, and making sure a room does what it should.

Interior designers add a lot to a project. They know how to plan and draw spaces, as well as understand light and flow. This knowledge helps them create spaces that work well and look beautiful. They focus on what the client needs.

Architects offer important insights and techniques for efficient design. Interior designers can use these ideas to create practical and stunning spaces. Working together can make a project even better. Still, hiring just an interior designer can often be enough for interior projects.

Firms like ours, that do both architectural and interior design, make things smooth for clients. We cover everything from the structure to the last interior detail. This approach leads to spaces that feel unified in design.

A lot of people look for interior design tips without wanting to involve architects. And, many choose to work with only interior designers for their projects. However, there is a great opportunity available to work with a firm experienced across the spectrum of architecture and design.

Architects are key for the structure and canvas with which to work. Interior designers make the inside spaces come alive. They make sure style and function work together beautifully and creatively. I suggest you work with a team that specializes in both.

Interior Design vs Architecture

There’s a big difference between interior design and architecture, but they work hand in hand. Architecture builds the basic structure of a building. Interior design focuses on making the inside both look good and work well. Together, these experts turn buildings into spaces we enjoy living, working, and playing in.

How Interior Designers Collaborate with Architects

Interior designers and architects work together closely. They ensure that what’s inside a building matches its outside. This is important, especially in homes, where the inside and outside need to look like they belong together. Interior designers know a lot about color, style, and how to put things together. This knowledge helps make spaces not only look good but also feel right. The beauty of interior design complements the strength of architecture, creating harmonious spaces.

Benefits of a Dual-Practice, Full-Service Interior and Architectural Design Firm

Choosing a firm that handles both the inside and the structure has many advantages. These firms make sure everything looks good and works well together. They also understand how to update old buildings in a smart, eco-friendly way. Their approach makes the design process smoother and the final result better. With their joint skills, these firms are excellent at creating spaces that fulfill both style and practical needs, perfect for your dream project. As Glenn E. Wiggins puts it:

The act of designing in architecture is a complex process… Frequently the designer will answer that his or her reason for making a particular design decision is based on ‘feeling’ or ‘intuition.’ … Under this model the design process assumes a ‘mystical’ aura


Can you do architecture and interior design together?

Yes, you can combine architecture and interior design for amazing results. This mix ensures spaces look great and work well. Architects and interior designers join forces. They use space planning and sustainable design to create perfect harmony.

Can interior designers also define architectural strategy?

Absolutely! Interior designers can shape how a building looks inside. They make sure a home’s inside matches its outside. This teamwork guarantees the house looks good and is fully used.

What Interior Designers Do

Interior designers add the final polish to buildings. They focus on every detail – from colors to furniture. Their touch makes sure spaces are not just pretty but also useful.

What Architects / Architecture Firms Do

Architects build the foundation for a design. They think about the big structure, safety, and how it fits the environment. This sets the stage for interior magic done by designers.

The Benefits of An Architectural Designer With Expertise in Both

A designer who knows both interior and architectural design brings unique advantages. They keep the building’s design strong but find ways to make the inside beautiful and practical. Their knowledge of space planning and choosing the right materials is a huge plus.

What is an architectural interior designer?

An architectural interior designer combines building design with interior beauty. They make sure the whole design flows together. These professionals are artists in planning, eco-friendly design, choosing the best materials, and lighting design.

Do I need an architect for interior design?

Not always. Architects are vital for the big picture and outside look. But for indoors, an interior designer may be enough. However, working together often leads to stunning results.

How do Interior Designers Collaborate with Architects?

Interior designers and architects team up to make homes both work well and look nice. They focus on important details like the kitchen and lighting. Together, they create spaces that are warm and stylish.

What are the Benefits of a Dual-Practice, Full-Service Interior and Architectural Design Firm?

Choosing a firm skilled in both areas makes the whole design process easier. They work on everything from the building structure to the interior details. This means a design that’s well-planned from start to finish.

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