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We take the time to understand your needs and then we create a lifestyle for you. Transforming your interiors into beautiful, functional and elegant spaces that you will be proud of.

From concept through the finishing touches of each of your projects, you can rely on our team to deliver a solution tailored specifically for you. We interpret your individual style, and, work with you to ensure that you are satisfied.

  • Furniture & Lighting
    Furniture and light can have a huge effect on your health, especially in the Pacific Northwest.
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  • kitchen design
    Kitchen & Bath
    Your kitchen is often the heart of your home, it is the focal point.
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  • Space planning
    In today’s home, optimizing space is essential. We make an art form of balancing space, light, and functionality.
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We pride ourselves in the ability to meet your needs with flexible design approaches. Here are the services we provide.

Design Development

  • Clear idea about Style & Look of Spaces
  • Concept development and presentation
  • Project review and planning
  • Brainstorming and idea gathering
  • Preliminary floor plans of the possible layout
  • Preselecting items
  • Conceptual image rendering or 3D model
  • Built-ins and Cabinetry
  • Color schemes

Detailed Planning and Sourcing

  • Finalize approved floor plan
  • Interior Elevations
  • Finalize the approved design in 3D model
  • Selection and Specification
  • Furniture and Lighting
  • Cabinets or Plumbing fixtures
  • Spec items w/h MSRP pricing
  • Built-ins elevation
  • Wall color/finish w/h report
  • Rug and Window Treatment


  • Construction Documents
  • Permit Coordination
  • The interface between the engineer, contractor, installers
  • Review product submittals, review shop
  • Purchasing
  • Tracking
  • Quality Control
  •  Delivery management

Our Team

Design is our passion, and optimizing the potential contained in every living space is our motivation. We spend time with you and discover your values. We love the process of building the concepts with you, envisioning your future, and helping you realize your dreams.

Ariana Adireh

Boris Ceman blackBoris Ceman

Boris Ceman
Project Coordinator

Kristina Stankovska

Kristina Stankovska
Design Associate

Luka Stevanovic
Design Associate

Recent projects

We believe in long team design values, by selecting quality peace and creating timeless design.

We bring fresh creativity to a project, while also being able to stick to a budget. Whether it is to update the look of a home or business, presenting a stylish and compelling model unit, or design idea for a new venture, we will be able to help through to completion.


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