Why Is Open Concept Layout Still In Style ?

Why Is Open Concept Layout Still In Style ?

Open concept layout has been popular in interior design for many years. In fact, for some time now, we have been witnessing predictions that its reign has come to an end. The practical experience, however, exhibits a somewhat different picture. There are many reasons why the open concept layout is still in style, so let’s explore them together.

Open Concept Layout Boasts Beneficial Psychological Properties

Interior design has a significant psychological and emotional impact. For an illustration, start with the area of your brain that reacts to the geometric layout of the place. Perhaps some rooms make you feel exceptionally good, while some others provoke a weird sensation of anxiety? It’s the effect of subconscious impulses you receive. It is also one of the reasons why a good interior design turns a house into a home. By using proportion, rhythm, balance, and symmetry, it conveys the feeling of being sheltered, pampered, and free.  

Due to the absence of walls separating different areas, open concept layouts allow people to move around more easily and evoke a sense of freedom. Psychology has proven that an eye that roams free positively affects thinking and concentration. The lack of physical barriers also improves communication. Residents can talk to each other easily and work together more effectively, strengthening their bonds as a result.

Meanwhile, subconscious connections can be formed by every hue, form, or pattern – including the furniture arrangement. To put it simply – your home can make you feel happy without an apparent reason.

Openness = Airiness In the Open Concept Living Area

It feeds the sensation of breathing freely, particularly when combined with windows that connect it to the outside world. Humans are not meant to live in confining boxes, and the living space should not make them feel trapped between narrow walls. In contrast to your bedroom, which is typically the place of intimacy and seclusion, the living area should be used to connect with others and spread your wings.


Modern open concept layout oasis in Casablanca

Better Flow, Better Connection

Ease of movement, sensory stimulation, and social contentedness are all important interior aspects that every designer must think about. The open concept complements those factors while still delivering quite a combination of benefits within set parameters. Without walls to inhibit activities and doors to obstruct the flow, people can move – and feel – more unrestrained.

Brightened Up

Exposure to natural light substantially impacts your mood, energy, and overall quality of life. It controls the body’s “natural clock” (circadian rhythm), responsible for keeping a number of biological functions in proper shape. Most importantly, it affects the release of serotonin, the hormone also known as the “molecule of happiness,” and the brain’s natural mood stabilizer.

An abundance of natural light in an open concept layout will improve your motivation and performance, promoting a sensation of peace and calm. Additionally, removing the excessive need for intense artificial light will relieve you from headaches and help with tired eyes and anxiety.

The Power of Beauty

The aesthetic benefit is another aspect to consider when thinking about why the open concept layout is still in style. Open kitchens and living rooms are effortlessly elegant and attractive. They ooze sophistication and contemporary charm, quickly catching the eye of visitors and potential buyers likewise.

When you’re in an open-concept space, every detail matters. The way you style your shelves, hang your art, and place your furniture is on clean display, allowing you to curate a seriously stylish look that impresses at first glance.


Open concept layout cave house in historic Cruïlles village in Girona

Open Concept Layouts Have More to Offer

A well-designed open concept kitchen may have a breathtaking allure, but there are also other components at play. Applying a range of finishing touches simultaneously generates visual interest and communicates dynamics. Display cabinets and open shelving enhance the airy atmosphere. Supported by a smart layout and adequate furnishing, the setting conveys the feeling of lavish spaciousness and inviting comfort.

An open-floor kitchen is also a flexible, functional area that easily accommodates a number of sous-chefs or chatting visitors. Allowing a free traffic flow, such layout promotes socializing without compromising efficiency. In return, it offers a myriad of benefits in social and family life, from easy interaction to creative entertainment and cooking parties.


The open floor design makes multitasking for families with little kids easier. Parents may easily keep an eye on children while also completing their regular chores. In contrast to enclosed rooms, an open floor concept layout is also adaptable for different activities. The same area may function as a family room, a leisure room, a home office, or an entertainment area without requiring extensive modifications.

In addition, large family gatherings and parties can be held without an issue. Trying to maneuver around many static components of the house is less complicated than rearranging elements within the open concept layout.


Open-concept layout of Ibsen House in Brasil

In Short: Yes, There Is More Than One Reason Why Open Concept Layout Is Still in Style

Regardless of trend projections, an open concept layout is still a great option to consider. It has many advantages that appeal to homeowners and renters alike, while its psychological and social benefits are undeniable. At the end of the day, the difference between your home and the space you live in lies in the way it makes you feel.

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