Lake Forest Park


We eagerly embrace the challenge of bringing the 1958s mid-century home to the 21st century. The first challenge on this property was transforming the existing  2550 SF  residence into a striking  3462 SF two-story home while maintaining the backbones of mid-century architecture.

Retaining the original home’s footprint, our design introduced a second storey accommodating a luxurious master suite, complete with an en-suite and walk-in closet, alongside a generously sized office, capturing the views of Lake Washington and mountains right near.

Preserving the essence of the home, clerestory windows were a pivotal feature seamlessly carried over to the new second floor, offering uninterrupted vistas of the surrounding lake from the master suite and office. The open-concept floor plan embodies a sense of coziness. Each area feels interconnected yet distinct, delineated by deliberate furniture placement or standout design elements. The addition resulted in an invigorated front facade, blending bold materials to harmonize seamlessly within the neighborhood’s context of Lake Forest Park. 
Expanding the potential of the property, we proposed the addition of a DADU (Detached Additional Dwelling Unit) adjacent to the main residence. Through exhaustive feasibility studies, zoning analysis, and jurisdictional consultations, our design team crafted a three-bedroom home. Its exterior design complements and mirrors the main residence, forging a streamlined look. Leveraging the existing carport, the second floor of the DADU was strategically placed to maximize the living area and capture the beautiful views from the property, fulfilling the homeowner’s vision seamlessly.