Lobby art curated by Ariana Adireh, interior designer Bellevue WA
Interior design Bellevue by Ariana Adireh: The Lobby
Bellevue lobby interior design by Ariana Adireh
Lobby and reception interior design Bellevue by Ariana Adireh
Luxurious lobby interior design by Ariana Adireh, Bellevue WA interior designer

The first impression’s importance is paramount when it comes to hospitality. As a staging area of the venue, the lobby makes an introduction to the story that is about to develop. Designing it posed a specific challenge, not only to make guests feel welcomed but also to impress them, communicate the brand in the best manner, and outline the kind of experience that is about to unfold.

We approached the project with the idea of making guests feel invited to spend more time in the communal spaces. The existing layout needed modifications, so we started by improving the way the areas interacted with each other. Further parts of the design strategy included adequately accommodating functional amenities and creating an efficient, seamless flow.

By facing the elevators, the marble-clad reception area becomes the functional welcome from the first contact. The seating aligned with ample windows took advantage of the views, maximizing the benefits of transmitted daylight. A new fireplace installed between the common area and the mailbox section enhanced the inviting atmosphere and helped to create distinguished zones.

Smooth surfaces juxtaposed by 3D cladding created a dynamic movement for visual interest. The client’s high aesthetic standards were further met through integrating curated artwork and ambient lighting. A golden mosaic composed of mirrored tiles dominates the lobby end, combined with a bar top console table and laser-cut globe light pendants.

Establishing the perfect balance between form and function, we created a showstopping space that delivers all the right messages.