It was truly an honor to be entrusted with the design of a grand 7000-square-foot residence nestled in the heart of Suncadia. The homeowner envisioned a splendid retreat for family and friends – a vacation home that seamlessly harmonizes luxury with leisure, creating a sophisticated sanctuary of enjoyment.

As you cross the threshold, the space unfolds to reveal a realm that both delights and surprises, a realm teeming with playful activities designed to engage both the young and the young at heart.

The materials we’ve meticulously chosen are an ensemble of distinct textures and hues, each wall narrating a unique tale, yet coalescing to form a visual symphony. The rusticity of a brick wall gracefully marries the chic sophistication of the wooden wall paneling, their alliance further illuminated by the integrated LED lighting. The lighting highlights the curated artwork and introduces an unexpected element of intrigue to the wall.

The addition of mirrors detailed with gilded accents bestows an element of opulence to the space, heightening its luxurious undertones. The ceiling, adorned with reflective panels and playful LED lights, bestows the room with a sense of depth and whimsy, heightening the space’s overall ambiance.

Every inch of the space is thoughtfully delineated to accommodate multiple activities concurrently, without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. From an energetic dance floor and spirited games of pool or table tennis to more tranquil corners designed for relaxation, and an elegantly appointed bar area, the space is an epitome of elegant design meeting functional versatility. The final result is a truly extraordinary vacation home, radiating elegance and excitement in equal measures.