Details by Ariana Adireh, Bellevue interior designer


Project Size: 3200 sq feet

Project Location: Seattle

Our team loved creating this exquisite three-level floating home, which melds innovative design with exceptional finishes. From the entrance, a hallway-adorned with 3D wooden panels and colorful backlights set a vibrant tone. The spacious living area showcases a modern, artistic lifestyle with its sweeping lake views. Every detail, from hanging dice pendants to bathroom murals, is meticulously customized. The entertainment room, a favorite for its art, sleek fixtures, and advanced technology, epitomizes functional elegance.

House design by Ariana Adireh, Bellevue
Home decoration details, Ariana Adireh, interior designer Seattle
Bathroom details by Ariana Adireh, Bellevue interior designer
Floating Home man cave by Ariana Adireh - Interior Design Seattle
Interior design Bellevue, art curation by Ariana Adireh
Floating living room by Ariana Adireh, interior designer Bellevue WA
Interior design Bellevue WA, Ariana Adireh

Our team was thrilled to collaborate with a highly enthusiastic client about exploring creative avenues, leading to the creation of this remarkable three-level floating home on Seattle’s waterfront- Portage Bay. As guests enter, they are immediately drawn to an engaging hallway highlighted by a dynamic arrangement of wooden panels in a 3D pattern, complemented by vivid backlights—elements that capture the home’s vibrant character and playful essence.

The expansive living area offers sweeping views of the lake and embodies an upscale lifestyle, enhanced by a pronounced artistic touch that flows seamlessly throughout the property. Every aspect has been carefully tailored, from the artful hanging dice pendants to the elaborately painted bathroom murals, showcasing our commitment to integrating authentic artistry into this stunning space.

The entertainment room merges art, modern aesthetics, and state-of-the-art technology to create the homeowner’s preferred space for relaxation and leisure. This area reflects the pinnacle of functional sophistication and is a testament to our interior design team’s resilience and innovative approach to overcoming construction challenges. It further enhances this architectural gem on Seattle’s waterfront.



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