Luxury lounge interior by Ariana Adireh, Bellevue interior designer


Project Size: 5000 sq feet

Project Location: Bellevue

A signature feature of this project is the strategic placement of expansive windows, particularly around the staircase area. This design choice embodies our philosophy of transparency, fostering spaces soaked with natural light. It’s a deliberate blurring of boundaries between indoor and outdoor environments, significantly enhancing the living experience by infusing it with an air of openness and clarity..

Lavish lounge by Ariana Adireh interior designer
Lounge interior design by Ariana Adireh
Commercial interior design, lounge by Ariana Adireh, Bellevue
Bellevue lounge interior design by Ariana Adireh
Interior design Bellevue WA, lounge by Ariana Adireh
Lounge bar by Ariana Adireh, Bellevue interior designer

The client requested a creative vision with a strong luxurious flair that would help them stand out from their competition and deliver the best experience to customers. We confronted the challenge with several different concepts fashioned to impress visitors, making them want to return over and over again.

As a successful blend of contrasting notions—a busy restaurant and a leisure lounge—the space already featured a distinctive character. Our approach was to maintain its roots while enhancing its style, polishing the environment in line with the level of service provided. The goal was to deliver a modern appeal embellished with a selection of features curated for exuding visual dynamics.

Seattle interior design firms, commercial design by Ariana Adireh

A blend of distinct chairs, bar stools, and sofas simultaneously conveyed visual diminuendos and created an intimate, relaxing atmosphere. Exposed windows connected the space with the exterior, maximizing daylight flow. Streamlined metal accents and the cool poise of marble were juxtaposed by smooth floor coverings and sumptuous upholstery. The color palette complemented lush materials in order to elevate the feeling of luxurious warmth further. The copper and silver accents spiced up the story with a dash of glam, while the artwork, central firepit, and candlelight made it all feel cozy and inviting.

Focused on individualized customer needs, this project delivered a multisensorial experience featured in every detail.



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