Project Size: 5000 sq feet

Project Location: Bellevue

A signature feature of this project is the strategic placement of expansive windows, particularly around the staircase area. This design choice embodies our philosophy of transparency, fostering spaces soaked with natural light. It’s a deliberate blurring of boundaries between indoor and outdoor environments, significantly enhancing the living experience by infusing it with an air of openness and clarity..

One of our clients has embarked on the journey of creating a bespoke residential sanctuary in Clyde Hill, Bellevue area- a haven designed for work, entertainment, and nurturing a growing family. One of the standout features of this home is the custom kitchen, masterfully designed to blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior environments.

Expansive windows drench the kitchen in natural sunlight, cultivating a sense of unity with nature. Adding to this outdoor connectivity, the kitchen effortlessly extends into an inviting courtyard, further enhancing the ‘indoor-outdoor living’ experience – a sought-after trend in contemporary home design.

The generous spatial proportions of this project allowed us to integrate distinctive elements such as the grand waterfall island. This feature instantaneously injects a sense of luxury into the space while serving as a functional centerpiece. The large-scale footprint of the kitchen also presented an opportunity to experiment with rich, dark materials, creating striking contrasts without compromising the visual spaciousness.

A tasteful mix of dark wood and glass fronts, accented with metallic details, interplay to create an elegant textural tapestry. This playfulness with materials, coupled with the contrast between light flooring and countertops against dark kitchen components, culminates in an engaging space that is sure to captivate its users.

Every furniture piece and lighting fixture has been meticulously curated, supplementing the design narrative while introducing softness through the chosen materials. The resulting space exudes a warm, welcoming, yet undeniably sophisticated ambiance – a testament to our commitment to creating exceptional interior design and architectural solutions.



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