Westlake – Lake Union


This attractive workspace is located at the base of a four-story building, sitting right on the water’s edge of Lake Union. The client emphasized boat entertainment as one of the key design messages, along with both literal and metaphorical indoor-outdoor connections.

Composing a thoughtful layout that would maximize the limited floor space utility was a major design challenge. Installing glass barriers in place of traditional walls allowed space separation without disturbing visual flow or daylight transmission. As a result, we were able to create a fully independent, soundproof conference room within the office itself. Other amenities include a boutique kitchen as well as a bathroom with a full shower and smart toilet.

A plethora of decorative elements with water flow as a common motive characterize the lake office design, from narrow creek accents in custommade wooden desktops to abstract streamlined LED chandeliers. Organic lines complement natural materials, with a variety of raw wood grains going different directions, supported by metal braces – similar to patterns found in the boats. In addition, waterproof features, such as flooring, added durable quality to sustain the appeal for years to come.

Through our vision, the lake project became more than a simple office. It shifted to a place that embraces a lifestyle, so that the clients could play, be creative, and enjoy the best versions of themselves.